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Tomlyn Veterinary Science

Tomlyn's story began when an entrepreneurial vet, Tom, and his wife, Lyn, decided to create a line of nutritional supplements, dermatological treatments and shampoos for cats, dogs and horses that would outperform everything else available. They created Tomlyn. These trailblazers set a new standard in product quality, efficacy and consistency, making Tomlyn's among the first specialty healthcare products for cats, dogs and horses. Since then, Tomlyn's products have continued to set the bar for over-the-counter supplements and have earned them membership as a part of the National Animal Supplement Council. Tomlyn's mission then – like today – remains the same. Tomlyn believes that if you maintain a strong, clear focus on doing what is medically right for pets with on-staff veterinarian oversight, the formulas created will be of a similar level of science to those recommended by and sold in veterinary offices.

Tomlyn's vision is to be recognized as the superior provider of the most complete line of the finest veterinarian-approved formulas for pet healthcare products readily available to consumers in neighborhood specialty shops, online stores and retail outlets. Tomlyn knows that each of their products will only be as good for pets as the thinking that stands behind them. That's why they use only quality formulations and proven scientific knowledge to drive their uncompromising ethical approach. The talent of Tomlyn's people and the commitment of their full-time, on-staff veterinarians become their roadmap for blending the finest quality products made from wholesome ingredients and focused on real benefits for pets.

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EPIC Calf Electrolyte

EPIC Calf Scour Defense

EPIC Daily Immune Support for Horses

EPIC Newborn Calf Immune Support

Hairball Remedy for Cats (Laxatone)

High Calorie Nutritional Gel


Hot Spot Spray (Allercaine)

Immune Support L-Lysine Supplement for Cats

Joint & Hip Chews

Multi-Vitamin Plus Probiotics and Enzymes Chews

Muscle, Joint & Arthritis for Dogs

Non-Probing Ear Cleaner (Earoxide)

Nutri-Stat High Calorie
Nutritional Supplement


Pill-Masker Paste

Relax & Calm Chews

Skin & Itch for Cats

Skin & Itch for Dogs

Sterile Eye Wash (Opticlear)

Teeth & Gums for Cats


Urinary Tract Irritations for Cats

Yeast Control for Dogs


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