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Source Inc.

SOURCE began because of a horse.

Back in the late 1960's, Susan Domizi was competing on her eventing horse, Hull, with hopes of being on the U.S. Equestrian Olympic Team. "My horse [Hull] had hoof problems and couldn't maintain his body weight. He received the finest feeding program and veterinary care available. I suspected a nutrient deficiency and set out to find something to help him."

She tried different kinds of seaweeds, different blends, different methods of processing and constantly analyzed the findings to come up with a finely ground, dry mixture that she put in her horse's food. Hull began to thrive.

"The changes in Hull were quite dramatic," she said, "and more and more people asked for the same formula that had made such a difference in him."

When all the pieces were finally in place, SOURCE® was formally introduced in December 1975. The rest is history. SOURCE Micronutrients was the first nutritional supplement sold in the horse industry to ever offer a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee. Domizi so believed in her product that she felt the guarantee would enable everyone to see the benefits of her micronutrient supplement totally risk-free.

From this single product, SOURCE, INC.'s seaweed-based micronutrient supplements are now marketed worldwide and include products for specific needs.

These exceptional products combine leading-edge research with the time-tested effectiveness of the unique blend of micronutrients in SOURCE®. Each formula targets a specific condition and provides specialized nutrients. All FOCUS products supply a daily serving of SOURCE® micronutrients to maximize the benefit of the additional ingredients in FOCUS, while addressing the underlying micronutrient deficiencies.

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