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Gallagher North America

Quality. Consistency. Heritage.

Gallagher offers quality electric fencing, weighing and data collection solutions for North American producers that are made to last.

Gallagher strives to educate producers on animal health and pasture management principles. The future holds great challenges and opportunities for United States farmers and ranchers. Users of Gallagher's quality components and systems trust Gallagher to deliver solutions that help them do and achieve more on their land and with their livestock.

It all started with a horse named Joe. When Joe took too much of a liking to using a car as a scratching post, owner Bill Gallagher Sr. scratched his head for a solution. He devised an electrical circuit that delivered a shock whenever the horse would rock the vehicle. This quickly cured the problem and sparked the idea for his electric fence invention. That was in the early 1930s. By the end of the decade Bill had built his first electric fence and had made a long-term commitment to building a great business – called Gallagher – that redefined what's possible for its customers.

In 1962, Bill Sr.'s son, Bill Jr., started working on the Gallagher shop floor. Moving up through the ranks, he helped them grow from a company delivering a visionary alternative to conventional fencing into one known for quality and dependability.

Today, Gallagher is still led by Bill Jr. and he and the Gallagher team are still coming up with new, innovative products to solve and improve animal management needs.

Learn more about pasture management principles – check out the educational PDFs from Gallagher below:

Learn how to develop a simple grazing strategy

Tips on setting up a good grounding system

Discover the benefits of offset fencing

Find the best fence setup for different types of animals

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12V 5 AMP Battery

6V Gell Cell Replacement Battery

Aluminium Wire

B10 Battery Energizer

B180 Multipower Energizer

B200 Solar/Battery Energizer

B280 Multipower Energizer

B60 Battery Energizer

B80 Battery Energizer

Bracket Offset with Plastic Pinlock Insulator 12 inch

Bunge Gate

Corner Lag Insulator

Digital Volt Meter

Digital Weigh System

Double Insulated Hard Cable

Economy Reel

Electric Fence Clip-On Warning Sign

Electronetting with Struts

Equine Fence Wire

Fence and Earth Lead Set

Fence Energizer M1500

Fence Energizer M360

Fence Energizer M560

Fence Volt Meter & Fault Finder

Fencing Pliers/Wire Cutter

Gallagher 6 Volt 4 Ah Battery

Gallagher S100 Solar Energizer

Gallagher S40 Solar Energizer

Gallagher Standard Donut Insulator

Gallagher Standard Rod Post Screw-On Insulator

Gallagher Standard Strain Insulator

Gallagher Standard T-Post 5" Claw Offset Insulator

Gallagher Standard T-Post Claw Insulator

Gallagher Standard Wood Post Nail-on Claw Insulator

Gallagher Standard Wood Post Screw-in Ring Insulator

Garden & Backyard Protection Kit

Handy Shock

Heavy Duty Ground Rod Clamps

Heavy Duty Stock Prod

Heavy-Duty Gate Handle

High Tensile Wire Cutter

Horse Corral Kit

i Series Fence Monitor

i Series Remote

In-Line Wire Strainer

In-Line Wire Tightener

In-Line Wire Tightener Handle

Insulated End Strainer

Insulated Wire Strainer

Insulated Wire Strainer Kit

L Joint Clamp Hex Nut

L Joint Clamp Wing Nut

Lightning Diverter

Live Fence Indicator

Livestock Sorting Paddle

Livestock Sorting Pole

M10 110V Energizer

M120 110V Energizer

M1200i i Series 110V Energizer

M160 110V Energizer

M1800i i Series 110V Energizer

M30 110V Energizer

M60 110V Energizer

Medium Geared Reel

Multi-Purpose Insulator

Poly Tape 1-1/2 inch

Poly Tape 1/2 inch

Poly Wire

Porcelain Bullnose Strain Insulator

Porcelain Doughnut Insulator

Ring Top Post

S10 Solar Energizer

S16 Solar Energizer

S22 Solar Energizer

Screw-On Rod Insulator

Smart Fence 2

Split Bolt Wire Connector

Steel Post Topper Insulator

Stock Prod Shaft

Strainer Handle

T-Post Offset Insulator

T-Post Universal Insulator

Turbo Braid

Turbo Tape 1-1/2 inch

Turbo Tape 1/2 inch

Turbo Wire

White 1-1/2 inch Tape Gate

White Gate Handle

Wood Post Claw Insulator

Wood Post Equi Pinlock Insulator

Wood Post Pinlock Insulator

Wood Post Screw-In Ring Insulator

Wood Post Wide Jaw Claw Insulator


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