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Easy on, easy off; a healing clean

An easier, healthier medicated clean for pets. Safe for everyday use. Easy on, easy off shampoo makes it simple to clean, heal and soothe pets.Simply spray, foam and rinse to deliver a deep conditi...Read More

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Product Features

  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Spray. Foam. Rinse. Treat.
Made in the USA


An easier, healthier medicated clean for pets. Safe for everyday use. Easy on, easy off shampoo makes it simple to clean, heal and soothe pets.

Simply spray, foam and rinse to deliver a deep conditioning clean that restores pet's skin defenses with anti-inflammatory and cell-proliferating ingredients. A healthier pet with each wash. Spray for quick coverage with less mess and foam for a deeper clean that nourishes skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Trust in Vetericyn, the proven leader in safe and effective animal wellness products.

Healing relief for: itching, dry skin, dermatitis, hot spots and more. Medicated shampoo for all coat types. Sulfate free, paraben free, no chemical dye.

Contains 2% salicylic acid.Vetericyn Plus products can be used after bathing for wound and skin management.

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Does FoamCare contain Vetericyn Plus?
No, FoamCare does not contain the same technology as Vetericyn Plus. However, Vetericyn Plus and FoamCare have been formulated to work together and use in conjunction after bathing for wound and skin management.

Can FoamCare be used in place of Vetericyn Plus?
FoamCare Medicated Shampoo is indicated for the relief of itchy or dry skin, dermatitis or hot spots. Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care products help aid in proper wound cleansing and wound management. It is best to use FoamCare to bathe the pet first, and then apply Vetericyn Plus, to ensure proper wound healing.

Can FoamCare be frozen?
FoamCare is a liquid substance. Innovacyn recommends keeping this product indoors and away from freezing temperatures. If FoamCare freezes, allow product to thaw and shake vigorously before using.

What if the wrong density is used?
The different FoamCare shampoo offerings that are based on a pet’s hair density help optimize cleansing and rinsing. Using the wrong density will not cause any harm or ill reaction to the pet. The shampoo will not lather as well or rinse off as quickly as it would with the correct density.

Can one dump the shampoo into a bucket and wash the pet that way?
FoamCare shampoo is best used as sprayed through its trigger system for correct foaming action. Innovacyn does not recommend decanting the shampoo into other containers. The shampoo is designed to be sprayed through the trigger for optimal coverage and easy application.

How can one determine the hair density of a pet?
One’s gut feeling is typically the best choice, as pets vary greatly in their individual coat types. If it is more difficult to rinse FoamCare, try moving up a level in density type.

Why does the pH of shampoo matter?
Some shampoos have a lower pH which can disrupt the natural defenses of the animal’s skin acid mantle. All FoamCare Shampoos are specifically formulated for an optimized pH for pet’s skin and do not disrupt the natural acid mantle.

Which density should be used if the pet has an undercoat?
The density of an undercoat will change depending on the time of year. Generally, if a pet has a noticeable undercoat, the medium or high density is most likely the best choice.

What are the benefits to the spraying application?
The spray application makes bath time easier, reduces stress, limits mess and uses the shampoo more efficiently. The spray foam application is easy to apply in one fluid motion. FoamCare can be applied all over a pet before lathering, reducing the need to pick up a soapy bottle with wet hands.=.

What are the benefits to the foaming application?
The foaming application provides a deeper clean that nourishes a pet’s skin. The foam is easy to lather into a pet’s coat and clean the skin.

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