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Helps keep animals in peak condition and maintains health of all ages and breeds. All-natural, whole liquid colostrum supplement works for the life of your horse! From foals, weanlings, yearlings p...Read More

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Product Features

  • Helps support the immune system, hair coat, gastrointestinal issues and more
  • Nature's perfect supplement for performance, recovery and health
  • Used by California Chrome, 2014 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner
  • Great for dogs, too!
Natural Product
Made in the USA


Helps keep animals in peak condition and maintains health of all ages and breeds. All-natural, whole liquid colostrum supplement works for the life of your horse! From foals, weanlings, yearlings preparing for sale, weekend athletes and performance stars, ReBorne helps horses reach their full potential or recover from adversity.

Benefits of Re-Borne bovine colostrum supplement:
  • Proven extremely effective in regulating foal digestion. Foals can be fed from birth with only 10 ml daily, supporting the immune system and maintaining normal digestion and a healthy intestinal tract.
  • Given 2 weeks prior to weaning through 1 week after weaning, can ease the transitional stress from nursing to the feedbox. During transition, Re-Borne helps regulate immune system to help prevent disease or infection from a more bacteria-rich, communal setting.
  • Supports balanced behavior, promotes relaxation and reduces hyperactivity, easing transition to a large communal pool of horses at horse shows or racetracks.
  • Useful during periods of digestive upset, colic or skin irritation; supports the epithelial lining of the stomach, addresses the root causes of colic and skin irritation, and maintains the health of skin and coat.
  • Offers a key tool in regulating the negative effects of allergies. Helps addresses the root cause of an allergy by shoring up the immune responses in skin and mucosal cells, rather than masking their symptoms.
Will not test in show arenas or racetracks.

Contains concentrated levels of antibodies and natural growth factors, such as IGF-1, IGF-2, EGF and TGF, plus antioxidants, immune supporters, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Has never been heated, retaining the full complement of antibodies, natural growth factors and nutrients missing in powdered colostrum. Collected from USDA Grade A dairies.

Directions: Administer orally.
Foals - 10 ml for 14 days.
Weanlings - 10 ml daily 2 weeks prior to weaning and 1 week after.
Yearling sales prep - 30 ml daily 2 months prior to sale.
Rough condition/Non-sweating - 60 ml daily for 3 days, 45 ml on days 4-7, 30 ml day 8 through sale.
Shipping stress - 20 ml daily 1-2 weeks prior to shipping and through arrival.
Race meets/Show stress - 30 ml daily for 21 days before and during event.
Digestive upset/Respiratory conditions/Skin irritation - 30 ml daily for 14-21 days, then 10-20 ml for 14 days.
Immune suppression - 20 ml daily for 14 days, then 10 ml for 14 days.

450 ml = 45 day supply at 10 ml level. Patent pending.

Will be drop-shipped from the manufacturer, please allow up to 7 days for delivery. Product must stay frozen in shipping and be thawed before use. Can last thawed up to 12 months in the refrigerator.

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