Orbeseal Dry Cow Teat Sealant



Helps reduce the incidence of clinical mastitis for the entire dry period

For use in dry cows as an aid in the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period. Sterile, antibiotic-free, viscous paste provides a malleable barrier in the teat canal, red...Read More

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Product Features

  • Infusing a single tube into each teat at dry off mimics the function of the cow's natural keratin plug by instantly sealing all teats for the dry period
  • One-of-a-kind paste consistency, does not harden
  • No milk and meat withdrawal when used alone
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For use in dry cows as an aid in the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period. Sterile, antibiotic-free, viscous paste provides a malleable barrier in the teat canal, reducing the incidence of clinical mastitis for the entire dry period by preventing bacteria from entering the teat canal. When Orbeseal is infused at dry off, new mastitis infections can be significantly reduced and somatic cell counts can be lowered

After last milking at dry-off, clean and disinfect teats with provided alcohol swabs and infuse entire syringe into each quarter. At calving, Orbeseal may be stripped out by hand, ingested by calf or removed via milking machine. However, if large numbers of cattle are freshened together and Orbeseal is removed via milking machine, it may build up on filters. For use in dry cows only. Zero milk and meat withdrawal when used alone.

Key features:
  • The first product of its kind – an antibiotic-free paste that acts as a physical barrier against mastitis-causing bacteria, locking them out for the entire dry period.
  • Mimics cow’s natural first line of defense, the keratin plug.
  • Provides a safe, antibiotic free, physical barrier between the udder and the environment.
  • Helps control mastitis during the dry period where more than 50% of early lactation Escherichia coli mastitis cases begin.
  • Compatible with conventional dry cow management practices.
Directions: Carefully wash and dry teats before disinfection. Use an alcohol pad to clean end of teat to remove contaminated skin, dirt or manure. Repeat until pad remains clean. Disinfect the far teats before the near teats to avoid accidental contamination of previously disinfected teats. Insert the syringe nozzle into teat canal, grasp the teat, press firmly and slowly inject all contents. Do not massage. Insert into the nearest teats first, to minimize contamination of teats that have not been treated. After inserting, mark the cow so others can tell she has been dried off. Then dip each teat with a quality teat dip. 

Does the keratin plug seal all teat ends adequately and fast enough after dry off?
No, many teat ends remain open, leaving cows more susceptible to new infections during the dry period.

For what period of time does Orbeseal work?
X-ray images have shown that Orbeseal-treated teat ends will remain sealed for at least 100 days, or until Orbeseal is stripped out at calving.

I am already using a dry cow antibiotic and a mastitis vaccine in my dry cow treatment program. Why should I add Orbeseal?
Research has shown that cows treated with Orbeseal and a dry cow treatment program* had a significant reduction of clinical mastitis, even in a well-managed dry cow environment, when compared to a conventional dry cow treatment program alone.1 Results showed statistical significance in favor of the Orbeseal-treated group, which exhibited improvement in three economic parameters:
  • 20% improvement in incidence of new infections at calving.
  • 26% improvement in clinical mastitis between dry off and 60 days in milk.
  • 19% improvement** in somatic cell count at 6-8 days in milk.
Imagine what this can mean to your operation.

What are the important steps that should be taken to ensure fast and effective sealing of teat ends?
Each teat should be cleaned and disinfected prior to the infusion of any product. Orbeseal is a sterile product, but the syringe tip easily can be contaminated with bacteria if aseptic techniques are not used. Do not massage the udder after infusing Orbeseal.

Is Orbeseal safe?
Each tube contains bismuth subnitrate (65% w/w) in an oil base, which is safe for use in non-lactating dairy cows.

*Dry cow treatment program includes a dry cow antibiotic and a mastitis vaccine.
**Somatic cell counts derived from linear score.
1 Godden, S., P. Rapnicki, et al. (2003). "Effectiveness of an Internal Teat Seal in the Prevention of New Intramammary Infections During the Dry and Early-Lactation Periods in Dairy Cows when used with a Dry Cow Intramammary Antibiotic." J. Dairy Sci. 86(12): 3899-3911.

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