ELB (Entry Level Boot) Regular Sole Horse Boot



Perfect for the transition into being "barefoot and booted"

Perfect for those still nervous about transitioning into being "barefoot and booted" and those who are already barefoot but require protection only on limited occasions. Also ideal for rehabilitati...Read More

Product Features

  • Absorb shock so horse's legs don't need to!
  • Easily fastened
  • Simple to measure and get the right fit
  • Size Chart in photos above
  • 180 day quality and workmanship warranty


Perfect for those still nervous about transitioning into being "barefoot and booted" and those who are already barefoot but require protection only on limited occasions. Also ideal for rehabilitation and therapeutic purposes; makes an excellent "spare tire" for a lost shoe.

Uncompromising in quality and specification. Upper material is Cavallo's 1680 count Denier industrial grade nylon – the same material used on Cavallo Sport style hoof boots, which have been tried and tested in all terrains since 2008. Replaceable Velcro closure extends boot's working life in the event of Velcro fatigue. Easily fastened by 8 and 80 year-olds alike, the strap does not require a screwdriver, extra physical strength or any other tools. Features unique, built-in side drainage slots (not drain holes, which clog up).

Sold individually.

Regular Sole features:
Natural round shape
Outside tread pattern supports hoof wall
All-terrain tread minimizes build-up of mud, sand and debris
Excellent traction while still allowing natural movement
Sole width same as sole length

Cavallo Boots features and benefits:
Cavallo's patented front opening
Specially formulated high performance thermo plastic urethane (TPU) compound provides total hoof protection, shock absorption and abrasion resistance
Built-in sole relief: integrated high density inner rim supports load-bearing hoof wall, relieving minimum pressure off sole, bars and frog
Cavallo's signature built-in side drainage for water, mud and sand
Molded-in back flap for bulb protection and abrasion resistance
Rust proof metal and waterproof thread

Frequently asked questions:  
  1. How do you put on Cavallo boots?  
    •  A Cavallo boot takes only seconds to put on. They slide right on; just place the boot on the horse then Velcro the front.  
  2. How long do Cavallo boots last?   
    • Typically, Cavallo boots will last 1-2 years. However, there are reports from multiple boot owners who are using Cavallo boots for far longer than that. Some customers report that they last up to 10 years.  
  3. Can you ride with Cavallo boots?  
    • Yes. Horses can gallop and many riders jump and even compete in jumper classes in Cavallo boots. There are also riders using them for hunt riding and cross-country eventing. The key is to achieve a good fit and boots are secure to do just about anything in any terrain. The sole of Cavallo boots is naturally grippy on pavement and asphalt. For slicker surfaces such as wet grass or ice, studs can be inserted into any of the Cavallo boot models.  
  4. How do you know if Cavallo boots fit? 
    • When Cavallo boots are sized correctly, they are snug in at least one direction, which prevents movement. Correctly sized boots remain securely in place. For horses with changing hoof sizes, or that have special fitting issues, the insert sole pads and/or Cavallo Pastern Wraps can help adjust and tighten fit as needed. Majority of horses should not experience stumbling or interference while wearing Cavallo boots, but every horse is unique. Without metal shoes to restrict circulation, horses can feel their feet and know exactly where they are placing them allowing them to move effortlessly.  
  5.  How long does it take to transition a horse to barefoot?  
    • Transitioning to a barefoot and natural lifestyle for a horse is not difficult, but exact timely is dependent on the horse. In many cases, the transition is as simple as removing the metal shoes, keeping hooves trimmed, and using Cavallo Hoof Boots for comfort and protection. It can become challenging when the shoes come off, and some more serious problems (that were already brewing in the horse’s hooves) become apparent. Because of the increase in blood circulation, a horse's hoof can become enervated, and he may feel the discomfort more strongly. Usually, it is just a matter of supporting him through the rough patch. The discomfort should pass with increased circulation and stimulation. During this temporary period, use Cavallos for turnout to make a horse more willing to move about. It’s also great to consult a veterinarian about giving MSM or a mild pain reliever if horses seem very uncomfortable. Without metal shoes, the freer-flowing nutrients and oxygen in the blood will speed up the process of healing. It is more often a painless transition which, when supported by Cavallos, will benefit the horse enormously.

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