Your #1 Guide for MAXIMUM Insect Control

Summer is here and so are the FLIES!  

Those filthy, annoying, potentially devastating flies have landed on your animals and your farm...and are they are multiplying fast!

As the weather heats up, there is abundant moisture and organic matter available. Flies breed in spoiled/spilled feed, bedding, decaying organic matter and manure. They also prefer moist conditions and decaying organic matter to lay their eggs. Not only do flies have an economic impact of one billion dollars per year, they can also bring several unpleasant issues. These issues include reduced weight gains, lower milk production for lactating cows, decreased grazing efficiency, blood loss, anemia and dermal irritation. Flies are known carriers of Pinkeye, Anthrax, Brucellosis, TB and Mastitis.

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To MAXIMIZE effectiveness of your Fly Control Program this summer, it is recommended that you choose 2-3 Methods: Insecticidal Ear Tags, Aerosols, Pour-Ons, Sprays & Concentrates, Scatter Baits, Feedthroughs, Tapes, Traps, Ribbons, Dust Bags & Shake-Ons and/or Itchin Post Grooming Pads.

Learn fly control products and discover what PRODUCT, ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, USAGE, INSECTS CONTROLLED and APPLICATION is best for your herd and operation!

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