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Welcome to the PBS Animal Health Products Library of Helpful Comparison Charts...your #1 Source for great information on brands you count on every day to keep your animals healthy and thriving.  

Created especially with your needs in mind, these charts will save you time, effort and guesswork in comparing products and figuring out what is best for you. 

Refer to these handy Charts often and please give us your feedback on how to make them even better. Simply call us at 800-321-0235 or email us at   

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Cattle Dewormer Chart
Cattle Dewormer
Cattle Vaccine Chart
Cattle Vaccine
Cattle Implants Chart
Cattle Implants
Insecticidal Ear Tags Chart
Insecticidal Ear Tags
Mastitis Treatment Chart
Intramammary Treatments
Calving Checklist
Calving Supplies Checklist
Calf Scours
Calf Scours
Cattle Pour-Ons
Cattle Insecticide Pour-Ons
Pinkeye In Cattle
Pinkeye In Cattle
Fly Control Management
Fly Control Management
Swine Dewormer Chart
Swine Dewormer
Swine Vaccine Chart
Swine Vaccine
Farrowing Checklist
Farrowing Supplies Checklist
Goat Dewormer Chart
Goat Dewormer
Kidding Checklist
Kidding Supplies Checklist
Sheep/Goat Vaccine Chart
Sheep/Goat Vaccine
Sheep Dewormer Chart
Sheep Dewormer
Lambing Checklist
Lambing Supplies Checklist
Horse Dewormer Rotation Chart
Horse Dewormer Rotation
Horse Dewormer Chart
Horse Dewormer
Horse Vaccine Chart
Horse Vaccine
Horse Joint
Horse Joint

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