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Welcome to the PBS Animal Health Products Library, your ultimate resource for informative comparison charts on the trusted brands that help maintain your animal's health and well-being.

Our comprehensive charts and checklists are designed to simplify the product comparison process and assist you in making informed decisions about what's best for your animals. We believe that it's helpful to see how products stack up against each other, and we're confident that you will find these resources just as valuable.

Here's a quick tip for you - once you've clicked on the comparison chart of your choice, simply click on any product name highlighted in green to be redirected to its respective product page.
At PBS Animal Health, we strive to make the comparison and ordering process as fast and easy as possible for you. Take advantage of our resources and start comparing for yourself today - we're confident that you won't regret it!

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Cattle Charts
Cattle Dewormer Chart
Cattle Dewormers
Cattle Vaccine Chart
Cattle Vaccines
Cattle Implants Chart
Cattle Implants
Insecticidal Ear Tags Chart
Insecticidal Ear Tags
Mastitis Treatment Chart
Intramammary Treatments
Cattle Pour-Ons
Cattle Insecticide Pour-Ons
Pinkeye In Cattle
Pinkeye In Cattle
Fly Control Management
Fly Control Management
Lice Control
Lice Control
Needle Size Chart
Needle Sizes
Swine Charts
Swine Dewormer Chart
Swine Dewormers
Swine Vaccine Chart
Swine Vaccines
Sheep & Goat Charts
Goat Dewormer Chart
Goat Dewormers
Sheep/Goat Vaccine Chart
Sheep & Goat Vaccines
Sheep Dewormer
Sheep Dewormers
Baby Farm Animal Care
Kidding Supplies
Kidding Supplies Checklist
Lambing Supplies
Lambing Supplies Checklist
Calving Supplies
Calving Supplies Checklist
Calf Scour
Calf Scours
Colostrum Replacers & Supplements
Colostrum Replacers & Supplements
Farrowing Supplies Checklist
Horse Charts
Horse Dewormer Rotation Chart
Horse Dewormer Rotation
Horse Dewormer Chart
Horse Dewormers
Horse Vaccine Chart
Horse Vaccines
Horse Joint
Horse Joint Supplements
Pet Charts
Canine Spectra Vaccines
Canine Spectra Vaccines

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