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Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Identification Systems

Add Dollars To Your Bottom Line By Using RFID Technology In Your Animal Identification and Management System

What is an RFID System?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), also known as Electronic Identification or EID, lets you quickly, easily, and accurately capture animal information and review/record information into a record-keeping program or database of your choice. RFID transmits an electronic signal from the RFID device, such as an EID Tag, to a reader/scanner. You won't need to rely solely on "line of sight" reading. Plus, RFID livestock ear tags help eliminate human transcription errors.

How does EID technology work?

The key component to each animal's application is an electronic transponder ear tag which can be used alone or with your existing visual ID, or a tag printed to match the number stored in the RFID tag. eid cow tag The transponder tag simply and permanently electronically stores a unique identification number. When the tag is electronically interrogated (questioned) by a reader device, it answers with its numerical identification. This number is the only information provided by the chip in each tag. A visual copy of the tag's unique number is also displayed on the outside of each tag. Since the transponder in each tag stores no energy and is encased in rigid epoxy, tags are designed for permanence and durability. Depending on the manufacturer, EID tags use one of two operating protocols, both of which are compliant with requirements defined by the International Standards Organization (ISO). The Half Duplex protocol utilizes a single interrogation and response communication. The Full Duplex protocol is based on continuous interrogated response communication. Depending upon the manufacturer and model, reader devices may be handheld or permanently installed in alleyways or chutes. Readers vary in their read range capability and ability to download and interface stored identification information to a properly equipped scale, PDA or personal computer.

How will you benefit by using an EID System now?

Here are 3 ways an EID system can help increase your returns when used as a management tool:

1. Reduces time and cost by automating data capture. Plus, it helps increase accuracy by eliminating possible transcription errors associated with visual tags.

2. Helps keep track of an animal's complete individual history. You can provide buyers with information on genetics, breed type, health treatments, performance, and age verification when you use your RFID livestock ear tags with management software.

3. Helps identify premium marketing opportunities for beef production exports. Don't miss another ID and potential premiums at the sale barn or packing plant.

Why not just use a traditional plastic ear tag?

RFID livestock ear tags are a great tool for making management decisions. The ability to collect data and transfer records easily from EID readers may give you a lower net cost per application. Remember to consider cost of labor and the possibility of incorrect or lost information when you only use visual tags.

Can an EID tag stand on its own or must it be part of a system?

You can get as much or as little information as you need! If you only want to record birth weight, and date, or sire and dam information, your "system" might be as simple as pen and paper. RFID livestock ear tags give you the option to keep and track data as soon as livestock arrive through the time they leave. RFID livestock ear tags help verify livestock identification electronically. As part of a performance or quality database, EID tags can be powerful tools that give you the information you need to improve genetics, feeding programs and more.

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