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Calf's Choice Total Colostrum HiCal
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* Natural bovine colostrum
* Instant mix formula provides high immunity and is high in colostral fat
* Free of disease-causing organisms
* Helps prevent pneumonia, scours and hypothermia and provides essential immune protection
* Contains at least 85% IgG1, the antibody most effective in protecting calves against diarrhea and pneumonia
* No blood serum, no cheese whey, no artificial ingredients
* USDA Veterinary Biologics licensed
* See the 'Other Info' tab for more information

Calf's Choice Total Colostrum HiCal

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Calf's Choice Total Colostrum HiCal
Item # Size/Color Unit

FOB Qty  
11-21 700 gm bag $23.13      
11-22 18 kg pail $569.99     40 lbs
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