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Tools for Hoof & Wound Care

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Sheep & Goat Footrot Shears

Eze-Trim Footrot Shears

SureBond Fast-Set

Hoof Rot Shears

Equine Aqua Comb

Illuminated Hoof Pick

Light Vision Protective Eyewear

Tanged Hoof Rasp

Wrapid-Cut Bandage Removal Instrument

Adhesive Foam Boards

Hoof Trimming Knives

Sav-A-Hoof Flushing Tube & Dispenser

Dispensing Guns

The Knife Hoof Knife

Contouring Plastic

Double-Edged Standard Blade Hoof Trimming Knife

Hoof Chisel

Hoof Trimmer

Mixing Tips

Narrow Blade Hoof Trimming Knife

Pet Aqua Comb

Cartridge Caps

Original Hoof Trimming Disc

Slotted Hoof Trimming Discs

Thin Ground Blade Hoof Trimming Knife


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