Vaxxinova is part of the family-owned EW Group. The EW Group specializes in animal genetics, animal nutrition and animal health, operating in over 100 countries and recording consistent international growth. Because EW Group is family-owned, highly progressive strategies for the future can be more easily pursued, based on long-term investment strategies.

Vaxxinova is committed to disease prevention in production animals. They aim to provide a complete set of vaccines and diagnostic services for food producing animals, supported by a global R&D network. Vaccines help make food production more resource-efficient and support antibiotic reduction.

In a fast-changing world, with continuing disease pressure and continuous risk of fast-emerging diseases, Vaxxinova is committed to providing sound preventive solutions. Microorganisms can spread fast, both across geographical borders and across species. Vaxxinova believes in ‘business without borders’, that long-term local and global professional partnerships between Vaxxinova and veterinarians, animal health professionals and research institutes are the best way to prevent diseases, reduce the use of antibiotics and support performance improvement programs.

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