United in Care – Redefining partnership in animal health

US VET, the company behind Quartermaster Suspension and the team formerly known as WG Critical Care. United in their care for animals and united in their commitment to the farming communities they serve.

Animal health and dairy farming are built on relationships. US VET’s ongoing commitment to farmers, veterinarians and distribution partners is what helps all of them build promising futures. While US VET is in business to manufacture products you can trust, it’s their dedication to the essential dairy industry that matters most. Quartermaster Suspension, Ampicillin Trihydrate, and a range of dairy-focused medications are just the beginning.

US VET focuses on uniting their team with yours to achieve results that only a company that truly understands your business can. That’s what being “United in Care” is all about. Two groups working together in partnership with each other for the betterment of animal health.

With over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience, a stable of established brands, and an ability to react quickly to changes in the market, US VET is constantly developing new solutions to help improve your business.

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