SCCL specializes in developing and producing innovative colostrum products from healthy dairy cows approved to produce milk for human consumption.

Since 1994, SCCL has been dedicated to providing all-natural bovine colostrum products to customers worldwide. Their success is driven by years of research by veterinary immunologists from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine who lead a team of scientists, creating the best colostrum products in the world.

SCCL produces spray dried, refined colostrum products that contain specified levels of important ingredients, along with instant mix technology which offers easy and complete mixing in seconds. Their products are tested for potency, purity, safety and efficacy to guarantee an end result that meets the highest quality control specifications.

SCCL’s facility and products are licensed by regulatory agencies including the CFIA, USDA, SAGARPA, NASC and others. Their facility is GMP certified by Health Canada and produces NHPD licensed products.

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