Over the last 50 years, Parnell has built a fully integrated animal health platform with a strong track record in research and development. They operate an FDA and EMA-accredited sterile manufacturing facility and offer unique digital technology platforms that integrate with their innovative products to offer veterinarians and animal owners superior solutions to animal health needs.


Working hard and smart – that’s how you run your farm. At Parnell, they work hard to develop innovative technology that helps you improve your dairy herd fertility. Over the past two decades, Parnell has been focused on fertility. They’ve studied more than 10,000 dairy cows in commercial dairy farms around the world and invested their research dollars in helping dairy producers and veterinarians improve fertility management.

Parnell launched the first FDA-approved products for the synchronization of estrous cycles in lactating dairy cows and beef cows; GONAbreed®, in combination with estroPLAN®, can be used safely and effectively in various timed breeding programs. GONAbreed and estroPLAN are time-tested, proven fertility hormones of choice for today’s dairy farmer.

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