Neogen Corporation

Neogen Corporation
From farm to fork, NEOGEN, a global animal and food safety company born in 1982, offers a wide portfolio of solutions for every stage of the food supply chain…and then some. Their tools are used on farms, in processing facilities, laboratories, universities and beyond, helping to protect the world’s food supply plus also allowing customers to produce more efficiently and effectively than they could before. NEOGEN’s solutions are a critical part of many customers’ operations — a one-stop shop to help them expand their business and increase revenues and profits.

NEOGEN partners with their customers, making their businesses more compliant, efficient and sustainable by providing innovative biosecurity and environmental monitoring solutions that assist in managing harmful pests, microbes and disease-causing pathogens.

They are responsible in assessing their impact on the environment and manage their resources in a way that protects future generations. Operating in a sustainable manner is critical to their mission of protecting the people and animals they care about, and doing so benefits NEOGEN, as well as customers, partners and shareholders.

NEOGEN’s products and services enable a cleaner, healthier living environment and optimization of production animal selection, which can result in lower mortality, higher production and reduced instance of disease, allowing decreased use of antibiotics and, in turn, human resistance to medically important antibiotics.

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