Munks Livestock Sling is a manufacturing company started in 1983 with its famous patented sling designed by Don and Leonard Munks of Anacortes, WA. Since then the company has grown and now offers a wider range of products that aid customers in caring for their animals.

The original livestock sling was a product created out of necessity. Unhappy with what the market had to offer at the time, Don and Leonard decided to create something more effective to assist livestock in getting up from a downed position. Drawbacks of other products included bruising, uneven distribution of weight, as well as a question of stability when the animal struggled after only a short period of time. It wasn’t long until the Munks Livestock Sling was born. This new sling was the first of its kind, made from durable nylon material, resulting in fewer body sores. It has many advantages over other options including adjustability to prevent animals from being in danger of falling out of the device.

Today Munks is still striving to make products that are effective and, as always, they are designed by farmers, for farmers. All Munks products are manufactured on the fully operational Munks family farm that was pioneered in 1859.

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