Where the Science of Food Safety is a Way of Life

Charm Sciences’ mission is to innovate and develop food safety and sanitation diagnostic solutions to predict and prevent chemical and microbiological challenges in farm-to-table food production and hospitality applications. They are committed to protecting their customers’ brands and helping them provide the highest quality products and services.

Charm Sciences is the global leader in manufacturing rapid diagnostic tests to detect residues, toxins, microbial and sanitation risks in a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, hospitality, healthcare, pharmaceutical and personal care. Charm develops fast and reliable test methods that are easy to perform, delivering unmatched quality with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Charm Sciences’ three factories in Massachusetts manufacture all reagents, equipment, and even software and firmware. Charm has the flexibility to offer customized solutions to solve customer problems quickly.

Dr. Charm founded Charm Sciences in 1978. He was an inventor and ScD in food engineering with a passion for improving food, water, and environmental safety by creating groundbreaking diagnostic tests and equipment. His wife Shirley complimented Dr. Charm’s ingenuity by building strong relationships domestically and internationally and was dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Shirley’s business acumen and Dr. Charm’s innovations created a successful company that continues to thrive today.

Dr. Charm and Shirley led the company for over 40 years as it grew into an international leader servicing the food industry in over 90 countries. Together, they created a team of dedicated employees that built the Charm brand known for innovation, quality, sensitivity, accuracy and unparalleled customer service.  Dr. Charm and Shirley leave behind a company and leadership team that continues to serve its customers and industries in its mission. The Charm Team shares its founder’s commitment to developing and manufacturing diagnostic solutions that prevent chemical and microbial risks and protect their customers’ brands.

As a company built on innovation, Charm Sciences continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge tests to meet the most demanding requirements. Their goal is to be an integral part of their customers’ operations.

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