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Posted: 05/17/2023
Young girl with beef cow at a livestock show

The Top 10 Items You Need in Your Showbox 

From the Weaver ProStaff

For more than 40 years, Weaver Leather Livestock has manufactured quality products including a wide variety of shampoos, dyes, adhesives, and more for all species of show animals. Weaver’s livestock experts, known as the ProStaff, are famous in the stock show world. Kids across the country look up to the ProStaff, attend their clinics, and follow them on social media.

As every kid brings a showbox with many essential livestock products to their show, we wanted to share Weaver ProStaff favorites for your kid to consider having on hand. Plus, we’ll recommend a few other tips to prepare for show season.

How Do You Prepare for a Livestock Show?

Preparing yourself and your animal for the show season is essential to success. Participating in shows does require a large commitment, but it’s an excellent way to teach kids about sportsmanship and responsibility. Livestock shows are not only about making new friends and hanging banners. The show ring helps kids learn valuable life lessons such as setting goals, respecting their animal and the importance of hard work.

Winners are made in the barn. That means the road to victory starts well before you arrive at any livestock show. Expect plenty of early mornings and late nights, too as you’re responsible for the animal(s) performance come show day. The hard work early on will set you up for success later.

Principles for Success

Weaver Livestock’s President and CEO Paul Weaver values leadership and understands the importance of developing tomorrow’s leaders. So much so that Weaver encourages stock show kids with these principles for success:

  • Determination
  • Patience
  • Diligence
  • Influence
  • Attitude
  • Motivation
Remember, preparation isn’t just about your animal(s) – a big part of it is about you or your child. The articles and videos here offer key insights about working with fellow showmen and how to achieve your goals. It’s an important aspect of the show process that doesn’t involve purchasing supplies for the box. Look for the insightful dos and don’ts at the bottom of each article, too.

Practice Before the Show

After choosing your animal, check for specific show requirements for weight, clipping rules, etc. and set feeding goals for weight gain to help the animal look its best. You may also need to train the animal to set-up properly and to walk on a lead. Equipment isn’t the only thing you’ll want to practice – if there are specific products you plan to use at the show to improve the animal’s appearance, be sure to practice them at home first. This ensures you know how to use them the day of, and it makes the animal more comfortable (not stressed).

What Should I Pack for the Fair?

An overwhelming amount of work – from the physical effort to supply gathering and all the education – goes into showing livestock. Weaver’s ProStaff team of the industry’s leading experts can help you be your very best on show day. The ProStaff says these are the top 10 products you need in your showbox (and in many cases, your year-round barn supply).

Weaver Top Livestock Products Chart

Product #1: ProHair 100 for Livestock
Revitalize existing hair and encourage new hair growth with this nourishing blend.
  • Species: All Livestock
  • A favorite of Trey Miller: “ProHair is our go-to daily hair care spray product throughout the show season. It’s great for stimulating leg hair growth while maintaining a soft and pliable feel all the way to the hoof.”
  • Jason Elmore says “At our place, ProHair is our “MUST HAVE!” It’s used all year on all cattle!
Product #2: ProDye Livestock Hair Dye Kit
Boost dull, flat looking hair for show day with ProDye.
  • Species: All Livestock
  • A Favorite of Jason Elmore: “ProDye has been our dye of choice for years. We love the deep black and softness it applies to the hair!”
Product #3: ProCharge Reconditioning Aerosol Spray or Liquid
Olive oil, Vitamin E, and other conditioners in ProCharge protect and nourish the hide.
  • Species: Cattle, Sheep and Goats
  • A Favorite of Bob May and Katie Coyne. Katie says “ProCharge is our go-to for healthy hair, hair growth, and overall conditioning. One of the key advantages is that we can leave it in without a buildup, which is especially helpful in the winter months. This is our everyday use conditioner.”
Product #4: Brightening Shampoo for Livestock
The optical enhancers in this dye-free shampoo deliver maximum whitening and brightening results!
  • Species: All Livestock
  • A Favorite of Katie Coyne: “Brightening shampoo brings out the color and shine. In a big ring, our heifers stand out with their pop of color.”
Product #5: ProPaint
Weaver created 10 excellent colors for you to achieve the perfect shade to match your cattle’s hair.
  • Species: Cattle
  • A Favorite of Kirk Stierwalt: “No two animals are alike – ProPaint makes it easier to blend and evenly spray for consistent coverage. Unlike other touch-up paints, ProPaint does not include the cancer-causing agent methylene chloride.”
Product #6: ProAdhesive
Choose from medium, strong or firm holds that are ideal for use with ProPaint.
  • Species: Cattle and Goats
  • A Favorite of Kirk Stierwalt: “Weaver adhesives provide you what you need on show day!” And, like ProPaint, they do not contain the cancer-causing agent methylene chloride.”
Product #7: ProPink Finishing Spray
Use this spray as a final step on show day to get extra shine. It even helps give the appearance of a bigger leg bone when used on sheep leg wool.
  • Species: Cattle and Sheep
  • A Favorite of Trey Miller: “ProPink is great for dressing up darker leg hair before hitting the ring for additional shine to stand out from your contemporaries.”
Product #8: ProHold Natural
This quick-drying, clear product gives a natural look and works well for no-paint shows.
  • Species: Cattle and Goats
  • A Favorite of Kelsey Pfeiffer
Product #9: Conditioning Cream
Coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E make this the perfect treatment for daily care on all livestock. It also enhances the appearance of white hogs while combating dryness for show-ring ready shine.
  • Species: All Livestock
  • A Favorite of Trey Miller: “This is our go-to daily leg care conditioner throughout the show season. It keeps leg hair soft and full while preventing tangles as the hair reaches longer lengths.”
Product #10: Whitening Shampoo
Mild cleanser is ideal for show day and daily care to gently lift dirt and stains to achieve vivid white color.
  • Species: All Livestock
  • This product is a PBS Animal Health customer favorite and a favorite of Katie Coyne: “We use Weaver whitening shampoo weekly on white switches and any other white areas on our animals. We never have a stain or discolored heifer.”

Count on a Quality Showbox with Weaver Products

There’s a reason they call it “The Winner’s Brand.” To fill your showbox with these and other Weaver Leather Livestock products today, shop PBS Animal Health, and read more about living the stock show life at the Weaver Blog.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article, and all other articles by pbsanimalhealth is for informational purposes only. This article may have been prepared from multiple sources at the time it was written and is not intended to be used as a sole source of information in making any purchase or specific product use decision. We recommend you always consult with your attending veterinarian to properly diagnose any health-related condition before initiating any prevention or treatment program. Always read and follow each product’s current label instructions and Warnings before use.

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