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Posted: 06/26/2023
Dog sitting in back of car ready to travel

Issues Your Dog May be Prone to this Summer

Summer is the season of fun in the sun! It’s a time to kick back, enjoy the weather and maybe even a getaway. While it means bright days ahead for us humans, our dogs might disagree. Canines often experience more anxiety and seasonal illness during the summer months, along with other challenges that arise because they’re spending more time outside. Read on to learn about the different issues your dog may be prone to this summer – and how you can help them.

Three dogs playing with a stick in a dog park during summer

Can Dogs Get Sick in the Summer?

When the spring rain finally breaks and the temps climb, dog owners tend to head to the dog park where they meet lots of other furry friends. The kennel populations tend to spike in the summer as well because many people board their dogs during vacation. In these situations where large groups of dogs are together, infectious diseases can spread easily. Though most kennels require proof of specific vaccinations, the dog parks (and sometimes doggy day cares) don’t. Pets who interact with unvaccinated and/or sick dogs – or drink from a communal water dish – can contract a number of illnesses even if the other dogs aren’t symptomatic.

Already this year, New York City and Washington D.C. (among other big cities) have seen a spike in parvovirus cases. This highly contagious canine disease can impact all dogs, but those under four months of age, as well as those who are unvaccinated, have the greatest risk of infection. Parvo affects the gastrointestinal (GI) tract when dogs come in contact with contaminated feces, surfaces, leashes, and other surfaces. Sick animals will appear lethargic, with bloating, vomiting and/or diarrhea. These symptoms can lead to death within 48-72 hours, but regular vaccination can help prevent parvo – and other diseases – altogether.

Common Summer Issues for Canines

Because dogs spend more time outdoors during the summer, it’s common for them to develop hot spots. These inflamed areas of the skin (sometimes called acute moist dermatitis) can get mistaken for insect bites, but they get worse and red through a cycle of itching and scratching that perpetuates the problem and can be painful for your pet. The itching could be caused from parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.), allergies, repetitive stress licking, a dirty coat, or water stuck in the dog’s coat after swimming. Regardless of why it starts, secondary infections are common following the persistent scratching.

Another summertime hurdle for dogs is ear infections as the moisture in the air gives bacteria a perfect place to grow. You can often tell when the dog has an ear infection because they shake their head a lot or scratch at the ear that’s infected. Or, you may notice ear discharge, crust or even an odor. And yes, itching at infected ears is another way dogs can create a hot spot.

Anxiety and Stress on Household Pets

Some animals experience separation anxiety year-round and struggle when their owners leave the house even for a few minutes. During the summer months when many people choose to vacation, their pets often spend days, or sometimes weeks, in an unfamiliar kennel or a friend’s home. This separation can lead to stress behaviors for pets.

The American Kennel Club estimates that separation anxiety affects about 14% of dogs. But other dogs can experience fear-related anxiety from new people and/or animals as well as loud noises and environmental elements. Fourth of July fireworks are a perfect example of this. Dogs may believe the loud, unpredictable fireworks are a threat and try to bark or run away. Or, they’ll show more traditional responses to anxiety like restless pacing, panting or crying. In really rough cases, dogs can turn to more destructive behaviors with household items or become aggressive with other animals. Even for those who are housebroken, dogs can become so agitated that they need to pee or poop in the home.

Affordable Products to Help Keep Pups Clean and Calm

While summer can bring its health challenges for dogs, there are plenty of top-notch products available to help combat illness and anxiety. Check out these quality Durvet products for your pet:

Don’t Let Summer Dampen Your Dog’s Spirits

With quality products and service from PBS Animal Health, you can enjoy the summer with your furry best friend. Stay aware, but don’t stress about summer health and wellness concerns. Remember: PBS Animal Health carries the full line of Durvet products that you can feel confident investing in no matter the animal or the season.

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