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Posted: 07/17/2023

Starbar Delivers Ultimate Fly Control at All Levels

Are flies at your operation posing a threat to your bottom line? Flies and other pests are not only a nuisance to you, your employees, and your livestock , but they can also cause significant economic losses for producers. Small farms, commercial operations and homeowners alike have trusted Starbar products to control insects for more than 40 years. Learn about Starbar’s science-based fly control approach that targets high, medium and low levels, and what products are available to help you manage flies in and around your facility.

Why Is It Important to Control Flies?

Flies and pests flock to livestock operations and can multiply quickly, so managing that population tends to be top-of-mind for producers with all species. U.S. producers lose more than $1 billion each year to the horn fly as it can decrease feed intake and reduce weight gains and milk production in cattle. The stable fly is a blood-sucking pest that breaks the animal’s skin and leaves painful, irritating marks. Instead of using energy to convert feed into weight, animals move to fight and/or avoid flies.

No matter what pest invades your premises, regular sanitation practices are an important foundation for managing these populations. On top of disposing of trash and manure, a strategic rotation of fly control products will provide an integrated pest management (IPM) program to fight flies and resistance.

Starbar’s Approach Targets High, Medium and Low Levels

Homes, small farms and commercial operations have trusted Starbar products to control insects for more than 40 years. Each Starbar trap is designed to address the specific behavior of the fly at each level: on the ground, hanging along fences and on walls, or up in the ceiling out of reach of people and livestock. That’s targeted fly control based on science.

High Spaces: Sticky Traps

Correct placement makes the difference when it comes to fly control. After feeding, flies have a tendency to rest up high in the cooler regions of barns, stables and other outbuildings. Starbar’s lineup of sticky traps is designed to trap flies up high in areas where other products can’t get the job done. These traps have bright colors that entice flies to land, and they function without any chemicals or odor.

  • EZ Trap Fly Trap: Get 3 times the trapping surface of leading sticky fly traps with EZ Traps. These long-lasting, rain-proof adhesive traps are ideal for stables, kennels, patios, porches, homes and gardens.
  • Fly Stik Trap: Once flies land on this sticky trap, they can never leave! Place these traps high out of animals/children’s reach indoors or out at stables, tack rooms, barns, dairy loafing and milk rooms, kennels and more.

Medium Spaces: Odor and Pheromone Traps

Did you know flies mate higher than feeding level but lower than resting level? The pheromones and feeding stimulants in Starbar traps for walls, fences and corrals lure flies looking to mate. Check out the variety of sizes these traps offer and choose the one(s) that best fits your needs.

  • Trap ‘N Toss Disposable Fly Trap: Trap, toss and you’re done with this handy product that attracts and kills more than 10,000 flies without insecticides.
  • Fly Relief Disposable Fly Trap: Hang this trap with a built-in attractant tube along fence lines, calf hutches, sheds and more. It’s available in two sizes and includes a patented attractant.
  • Captivator Fly Trap: this 2-quart trap includes a patented formula with 3 feeding attractants plus a fly sex pheromone that flies can't resist.
  • Milk Jugg Trap: Catch over 35,000 flies when you turn an ordinary plastic jug into an effective, insecticide-free fly trap. Just add water, attractant, and pop on the reusable lid.
  • Bite Free Stable Fly Trap: When placed in the direct sunlight, this trap’s shimmering surface draws in the flies with 360 degrees of trapping surface. What’s more: its weatherproof adhesive doesn’t dry out, melt or wash away.

Low Spaces: Scatter Baits, Strips and Other Traps

Flies feed at a low level on floors, ledges and gates. That’s why our scatter baits and strips use a sugar base in combination with various attractants to encourage flies to feed. It’s important to note that these scatter baits and strips must be placed out of reach of livestock, pets and humans.

  • Quikstrike II Fly Abatement Strip: Place this strip vertically on a stationary object within 4 feet of the ground where flies feed to kill house flies in horse barns, pig barns, dairy barns and poultry houses.
  • Quikstrike Fly Bait: This EPA-approved active ingredient works to kill 7 times more house flies! Use as scatter bait or in a bait station 4 feet off the ground.
  • Quikstrike Fly Bait Spray: Use this fast-acting spray to cover walls and other surfaces in hard-to-reach places scatter baits can't reach. Do not use it in areas where food production animals can reach it or where they feed.
  • Golden Malrin Fly Bait: Golden Malrin is the standard in fly baits for more than 40 years. It draws both male and female flies in to feed with Muscamone attractant, and just 4 oz covers 500 feet.
  • Exhalt WDG Insect Growth Regulator: WDG is a water-dissolvable granule that interrupts the life cycle of several developing pests including various flies, crickets, cockroaches and beetles.
Because these products feature a range of active ingredients, these baits can be used as part of a rotational program to discourage fly resistance. As always, please see product labels for complete instructions and read carefully before use.

Set the Bar for Insect Control. Get Starbar.

Starbar products set the bar for ultimate fly control at all levels – from sticky traps for high ceilings and odor traps for walls and fences, down to scatter baits and strips for walls and fences. No matter where you need help controlling flies on your farm or around your home, Starbar has you covered.

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