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Posted: 10/02/2023

How Safe-Guard Dewormers are Different

Are you looking to protect your livestock profits before parasites suck them dry? Over the lifetime of each animal, Merck Animal Health says producers can lose more than $190 per head in lost performance from internal parasites. Look no further than the Safe-Guard family of deworming products. The unique and fast-acting dewormer goes straight to the gut to kill worms and parasites of many kinds. Learn more about the science behind Safe-Guard that makes it different from other products, and how it’s available for several species.

Selection of Safe-Guard products

The Science of Safe-Guard

Fenbendazole, the active ingredient of Safe-Guard, makes it highly effective AND safe. Once administered to animals, it uniquely attacks the dangerous parasites that affect livestock internally. Parasites absorb fenbendazole and it disrupts their microscopic cells from producing energy. This process starves the parasites until they die, while also protecting the host animal’s cells and organs.

Safe-Guard’s alfalfa-based pellets save labor time as they allow producers to feed and deworm in a single step. This is especially helpful for hard-to-catch horses or those that don’t take the paste dewormers well. Plus, studies show that all formulations of Safe-Guard – including blocks, cubes, pellets and free-choice minerals – are effective at keeping cattle clean. In fact, 12 studies show a 97% efficacy for Safe-Guard feed formulations. But that’s not all:

  • 6 studies show an average extra gain of 40 pounds in stocker cattle
  • 4 studies show an average weaning weight increase of 31 pounds
Reduced weight gain is just one of the many hidden costs of parasite infection, so these numbers are quite promising and demonstrate how well Safe-Guard feed formulations work.

Is Safe-Guard the Same as Ivermectin?

Dewormers work in different ways. Depending on the type of molecule they affect, they fall into different classifications. Ivermectin is an active ingredient found in several dewormer products. It’s part of a different class of dewormers that only paralyzes worms. Safe-Guard is different because it’s powered by fenbendazole, an active ingredient that kills the worms. In fact, fenbendazole is more attracted to the parasites’ beta tubulin (microscopic cells) rather than the cells of the animal receiving the dewormer.

Check out our FREE Dewormer Comparison Chart to see how these products differ when compared by method of administration, types of parasites they protect against, withdrawals, and much more.

Can I Deworm my Dog with Safe-Guard?

Yes. Safe-Guard has specific products approved for many species – from cattle to horses, goats to dogs and multiple other species in between. For dogs specifically, Safe-Guard offers palatable canine granules that mix with food and when given twice a year, the product protects your furry friend from six different types of intestinal worms.

Get Safe-Guard Products for Several Species

From pellets, protein cubes, blocks and more, Safe-Guard formulations for several species give producers safe and effective deworming options.

Cattle & Goat:
  • Safe-Guard Cattle and Goat Dewormer Suspension 10%: If you prefer oral dosing, try this liquid dewormer that’s safe for both beef and dairy cattle as well as non-lactating goats. Treatment with the Safe-Guard Suspension shows an advantage in dry matter intake, feedlot gain, and more.
  • Safe-Guard Goat Dewormer Suspension: Though it’s not for use with lactating goats, this low-dose Safe-Guard Suspension is safe for pregnant goats. Get accurate, stress-free deworming with a single application.

Paralyze Parasites. Protect Livestock. Get Safe-Guard.

To stay ahead of profit-eating parasites, turn to the solution that protects several species. Safe-Guard is not your Grandfather’s dewormer. This safe yet effective mode of action protects your animals – both livestock and companion animals alike – from the most dangerous parasites, all while giving you options for administration. Shop all of the Safe-Guard products from PBS Animal Health today!

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