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Posted: 02/08/2023
Dairy cow laying in straw with her newborn calf

Customer Favorites to Give Calves a Good Start

Everyone has their preferred product(s) when it comes to getting calves off to a great start – whether that's to help establish a strong immune system and gut health, or for support during periods of scours or overall weak or stressed conditions. It can be wise to see what others are using, too, in case there's a new or improved method or solution you hadn't heard of (like the new DuraZyme 4HL Paste for Calves – see below!).

Before your next calf crop arrives, check out these customer favorites for giving calves a good start.

As always, remember to carefully read and follow the label and/or consult with a vet for specific health concerns/needs.

Durvet Products Get the Job Done … For Less

There’s a reason why Durvet is a highly trusted brand that our customers regularly turn to for calf support. At PBS Animal Health, we like to say Durvet Delivers Undeniable Reliable Value Every Time. With hundreds of preventative care products available, Durvet both supports the health of your herd and protects your wallet.

Durvet producst for calf support
To start calves off right, Durvet offers five all-natural paste formulated products in easy-to-use individual dose tubes. These non-medicated products promote digestive health and supplement new calves:

  • DuraZyme Calf Paste: this maximum strength colostrum supplement is an excellent option for dairy or beef calves who don’t get enough high-quality colostrum. The proven product with proven results helps boost energy, fight disease, reduce intestinal infections, and improve appetite and digestion.
  • DuraZyme 4HL Paste for Calves: this new product is developed for environments where calves are more exposed to stress-induced diseases and infections. Its highly concentrated proteins and other unique ingredients aim to fight disease, reduce intestinal infections, and improve appetite and digestion for calves.
  • DuraLift Calf Paste: if you suspect colostrum deficiency, this supplement paste (formerly DuraFense), contains high-quality bovine colostrum and egg-based functional proteins to aid in digestive gut balance.
  • DuraLyte Calf Paste: reach for DuraLyte at the first sign of scours. With a formulation that serves all classes of cattle, this paste contains electrolytes to replace essential minerals lost, as well as montmorillonite clay, known for effectively binding toxins to slow the onslaught of scours. Use with antibiotics or in conjunction with DuraZyme paste.
  • DuraMate Calf Paste: as the most economical product designed to be used on every newborn or incoming calf, DuraMate offers bovine-specific probiotics to aid in digestive colonization with beneficial bacteria. It also contains five essential enzymes that help calves absorb nutrients.

In addition, if your calves are stressed after transport or general handling, consider DuraFight Capsules for Calf Stress. These contain electrolytes to rapidly rehydrate and balance the calves' fluids. Just two capsules per day can support digestive health to help calves overcome a variety of stressors.

DBC Ag Products to Consider

Preparing for a calf is not the time to gamble. To set calves on the best course, you need support products that work hard to establish a strong immune and digestive system. That’s exactly what you get with DBC Ag Products. Their biotechnology solutions utilize practical research and proven technology to meet calves’ needs.


First Arrival

For healthy, fast-growing calves, try the First Arrival with Encrypt Calf Supplement. Its scientific formulation helps ensure each calf starts out strong on its way to reaching genetic potential – and maximizing your overall investment. When it was first developed in 2006, First Arrival helped a calf raiser reach a 60% reduction in antibiotic use. The enhanced formula in 2018 outperformed that initial test.

Ingredients include:

  • The fiber source, Encrypt, helps maintain the protective layers of the gut
  • Whey solubles specialize in supporting the calf’s immune system
  • Vitamins A, D3 and E for additional immune support
  • Flavor from seeds and essential oils
To feed First Arrival, mix the calf powder into milk replacer or milk at 24 hours old. Or, during stressful weaning, transport or feed changes, give the calf formula paste orally. Products contain all-natural ingredients that don’t interfere with antibiotics or vaccinations. Check with your certifier for use in organic programs.


Last Stand

When your beef calves need rapid support, reach for Last Stand with ImmWave Calf Supplement. This all-natural paste helps maintain normal gastrointestinal health along with a healthy immune response from a strategic combo of ingredients that helps calves grow fast and big:

  • ImmWave milk proteins
  • Dried egg yolk and whole egg proteins
  • Vitamins B and D3, plus a prebiotic
  • The same unique fiber in First Arrival, Encrypt, keeps protective gut layers strong
The easy-to-carry tube can be given to calves orally anywhere and any time. Use it as a routine protocol for newborn calves (giving the entire tube to each newborn on day one), and carry tubes when looking after the herd for rapid support when needed. Like First Arrival, Last Stand is all natural and may be suitable for use in organic, natural and grass-fed operations. Check with your certifier.

Additional Brands to Support Weak or Stressed Calves

One other customer favorite you might consider for your weak and stressed calves is Immu-PRIME. This liquid activates the brain to make calves more alert and hungry. They call it a "blueprint for success" when you give once for four consecutive days (as soon as possible after birth, or just prior to stressful transport, feed, or social changes).

What about when your calves cry? Stress from weaning can lead to weight loss and illness, so stay ahead of the stress. Look into FerAppease to help ease that transition with its Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS) that comforts calves like their mother did.

Stock Up Before the Calves Show Up

Meeting the needs of your calves is key to their health and long-term performance. We hope these Durvet, DBC Ag Products and others give you more tools to consider through your calves’ early days, and that they keep your calves growing into healthy producers for the long term. Also, let us know what you think of these products – submit a customer review after you’ve given them a try

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article, and all other articles by pbsanimalhealth is for informational purposes only. This article may have been prepared from multiple sources at the time it was written and is not intended to be used as a sole source of information in making any purchase or specific product use decision. We recommend you always consult with your attending veterinarian to properly diagnose any health-related condition before initiating any prevention or treatment program. Always read and follow each product’s current label instructions and Warnings before use.

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