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Posted: 07/26/2023

Protect Your Investment with Durvet

With the recent change of antibiotics (commonly used to treat illnesses like mastitis and scours) moving from over the counter (OTC) to prescription (Rx), producers are exploring their options when it comes to preventative products – and how they can help reduce both the risk of disease as well as antibiotic use. Here we’ll share a few preventative products from Durvet that help protect your investment and keep cattle calm and healthy.

Proactive Care Protects Profits

We don’t have to tell you that disease management is costly. Whether you’ve fought pinkeye, mastitis, hoof rot, scours or other cattle illnesses, there’s no doubt you’ve seen firsthand how much time and resources are required to devote to sick animals – from purchasing and administering medication and implementing additional hygiene practices, to culling or transporting animals, among other efforts. And that doesn’t even include the negative impact it may have to the animal’s milk production, rate of gain and, ultimately, your income.

While starting (and maintaining) vaccine protocols for livestock is a common foundation for disease prevention, producers have access to additional tools to help avoid disease. This includes a full line of preventative care products from Durvet. We like to say Durvet products Deliver Undeniable Reliable Value Every Time. PBS Animal Health carries hundreds of products from Durvet that work hard to support the health of your herd all while protecting your wallet.

Ingredients Matter

Durvet’s preventative products include unique ingredients to help protect your animals when they need it most. Several Durvet products (for both calves and cows) include microfused® essential oils which work to reduce the pathogen load. These oils also promote health of stressed ruminants while stimulating appetites. Alongside the oils, an actifibe® prebiotic feeds beneficial gut bacteria and promotes immune function.

In products specifically designed for calves, you’ll find electrolytes to rapidly hydrate and restore fluid balance, which support digestive health and help the young animals overcome stress. The DuraZyme Paste contains egg-based functional proteins designed for newborn beef and dairy calves. Here, the proteins are part of a maximum strength formula that aids in minimizing intestinal infections and enhancing appetite. These strategic ingredients used early on in the calf’s life and as they age can make a big difference in the animal’s overall long-term health.

Durvet Products for Prevention

Help prevent scours, improve immunity, reduce stress and aid in common issues for cattle with these quality products from Durvet.

  • DuraFight Pellet: This natural feed additive gets livestock eating and helps overcome production and transportation stress, and helps support immunity. These pellets can be used for more than cattle, too – try them with sheep, goats, deer, llamas, alpacas, elk and even camels.

  • DuraFight Capsules:
    • For calf stress: Support your calf’s digestive health and help them overcome stress with these capsules containing essential oils and electrolytes.
    • For cow stress: Stimulate your dairy or beef cow’s rumen function to get them on feed fast during times of stress.

  • DuraBoost: This nutritional supplement for dairy calves is a milk additive that promotes immunity, stimulates appetite and eases the transition to a grain diet.

  • DuraIgnite: As an oral drench, this formula with essential oils supports vigor and appetite in newborn calves. It also helps overcome stress related to poor immunity and pathogen challenges.

  • DuraZyme Paste: Did your newborn beef or dairy calf receive little or low-quality colostrum? Increase energy levels and supplement maternal colostrum with this maximum strength formula designed to aid in fighting disease, minimize intestinal infections, and enhance appetite and digestion.

Chart of Durvet Products no Rx required

Keep Your Herd Healthy and Stress-Free

Durvet offers a broad range of quality products to help keep your herd healthy and stress-free. What’s more: They do it at a price you can afford. Turn to Durvet to save and turn to PBS Animal Health for ready-to-ship products today.

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