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Posted: 12/15/2022

Beat Horse Boredom this Winter

For horses, the cold season is less winter wonderland and more boredom blah. Thanks to the weather, many horses spend more time in their stalls and since there’s often less stimulation and traffic around the stable, it’s easy to get bored. They need the opportunity to express natural behaviors, even if they’re stuck inside. Take up this opportunity for equine enrichment with a variety of treats and other useful items to help your horses beat their boredom.

Horse in stall chewing on wall

Do Horses Get Bored in the Stall?

Think about how you feel when you haven’t left a single room for hours on end. Can you even imagine days on end?! Of course horses can get bored when stuck in the stall for long periods of time. This boredom can turn into stress habits and behavioral trouble if left unaddressed.

Signs of horse boredom to watch for include:

  • Box walking (pacing around the stall)
  • Weaving (swaying the head/neck)
  • Cribbing (biting wood stall materials)

Change is Good

When you see a horse exhibiting any of these boredom behaviors, it’s time to change things up. While it may not be possible to head outside because of rain, snow or even muddy paddocks, do what you can to stretch your horse mentally. Changing the routine will keep things fresh for both the horse and you. Instead of one long visit, try breaking it up into smaller segments. Head to the covered arena with a different saddle. Change scenery with a simple hand walk or practice loading the trailer – even if you’ve got nowhere to go! Also consider swapping cold drinks for warm ones as sensory variety makes things more fun for the horse. Since they don’t drink as much water in the winter, but still need the hydration, this is a unique way to get them drinking.

Horse playing with Likit treat toy

Ways to Entertain and Enrich Horses

When you’re out of ideas about changing up the routine, turn to PBS Animal Health for plenty of reinforcement! We carry loads of products to entertain and enrich horses in winter and all year long to encourage natural behaviors in healthy ways with toys, grooming accessories, slow feeders and more.

Toys and Treats

There’s no shortage of horse toys and treats in our warehouse. Your animals will love the intense variety of treat flavors as well as engaging exercise toys. Try hanging the Jolly Stall Snack Combo directly in the stall, and choose from several flavor refills when empty. Whether you’re inside or out, give the horses an extra challenge with the durable KONG Equine Hanging Kit with Treat Ring. We also carry the highly popular line of Likit brand holders, flavor refills, treat bars and granola. The products spin and make horses work for the flavorful reward while also stimulating saliva flow, and supporting good gut health.

Slow Feeders

Beyond boredom, slow feeders help combat stress for horses. These contraptions work to keep them healthy and happy by slowing their intake (decreasing the likelihood of intestinal problems) and holding their interest for longer periods of time. Here are three slow feeders to consider:

  • Slow Feed Hay Net: This slightly smaller hay net at 36” gives horses the ability to graze all day in good proportion through 1-1/2" holes.
  • Dura-Tech Extra-Slow-Feed Hay Net for Horses: this 40” nylon rope feeder with 2" x 2" flexible diamond holes satisfies the natural need to graze.
  • Slow Feed Hay Bale Net: This 48” net accommodates the whole bale and can be used in a barn stall, tied onto trailer, and elsewhere to keep more hay in front of the horse longer.
You might also consider Texas Haynet products because they produce a variety of different sized nets, including a full round bale net. They also make a net repair kit and products for chickens and goats.

Grooming, Calming and Cribbing Products

Grooming your horse is a way to both spend quality time with him and help disrupt a dull winter day. Make sure you visit our grooming products page for all the cordless clippers, blades, shampoos, conditioners, curry combs and other items you need to keep them clean and healthy.

If the animals need help feeling more calm when you’re away, we’ve got you covered there too. Our calming and cribbing products include unique supplements – wafers, powder, gel, liquids, and more – plus chew-prevention products and other aids to reduce stress and eliminate bite marks. The Original Itchin’ Post Animal Grooming Pad is another tool that helps stimulate the animal without letting it be destructive. The flexible pad wraps around posts and corners to reduce damage to barns, fences, and equipment, as well as prevent harmful cuts or hair loss and costly vet bills.

Stop the Boredom. Shop PBS Animal Health!

Help your horses beat boredom this winter with highly-rated toys, treats, grooming accessories, slow feeders, cribbing products and much more. Let us know – what are your favorites? Be sure to leave a product review after you purchase these or any of our quality products at

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