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Posted: 05/24/2022
Herd of dairy cows surrounded by flies

Find the Best Fly Bait for Your Operation

If your operation is booming, chances are your fly population is too. Tis the season to Fight Filthy Flies! These pests are capable of far more than simply bothering us and our animals – they can carry diseases and even affect animal output. That’s why PBS Animal Health has all the products, tools and advice you need to get the job done. See how effective fly bait can be in protecting your investment.

Cow with flies on face

What is Fly Baiting?

House flies, stable flies and others can multiply quickly in livestock and poultry facilities, barns, stables, kennels, feedlots, broiler houses and warehouses. While it certainly helps to keep the grounds sanitary by removing standing water and cleaning up manure, managing an overwhelming fly population requires additional, more direct efforts.

Fly baiting is when operators use tools and products with strategic insecticides and pheromones to attract and kill flies. Beyond being a major nuisance for operators and animals, baiting helps avoid spreading diseases like pink eye and mastitis (among others). High populations of flies can also inflict stress on animals that could impact weight gain and disrupt output. Simply put: fly baiting is an important strategy to maintain an operation’s profitability.

Does Fly Bait Work?

YES! The active ingredients in fly pellets attract flies and kill them less than a minute after ingestion. The baits are highly effective on their own, but it’s best to use them as part of a broader pest-control plan with a mix of scatter bait, fly bucket traps, sprays and other solutions. Because fly bait is toxic to dogs and other animals, avoid scattering it in areas where kids, pets or other animals can touch or eat it. In those places hang a bait station or use a spray instead.

Place fly bait anywhere flies gather, such as outside of milking parlors (but not on milking equipment), poultry broiler and caged layer operations, facility walls and beams, around windows and doors, support structures, walkways, garbage chutes/bins, etc.

Different Types of Fly Baits

Depending on your facility, square footage, nearby animals and level of infestation, you can choose from a variety of proven baits to Fight Filthy Flies. Check out these reputable products available at PBS Animal Health now.

Concentrates and Spray Bait

Avoid hanging a trap or scattering pellets on the ground with concentrates and spray baits. These paint-on applications offer a cleaner look that can be placed directly on surfaces where flies gather.

Agita 10 WG:
  • This dust-free, water dispersible insecticidal bait formulation reduces house fly populations in and around hay and feed storage areas, calf hutches and more. It quickly attracts and kills both male and female house flies and also controls litter beetles. Perhaps that’s why it’s received only 5-star customer reviews at
  • Active ingredients: 10% thiamethoxam and 0.05% Z-9 tricosene
Starbar QuikStrike Fly Bait Spray:
  • Dilute Starbar QuikStrike Fly Bait Spray formula in water before either painting or spraying onto surfaces where flies can feed on the bait and die. Apply in bands of 6-8" when using paint-on applications on dairy walls, beams, around windows, etc.
  • Active ingredients: 0.50% dinotefuran and 0.04% Z-9 tricosene

Scatter Bait for Flies

The sugar base and attractants in scatter baits encourage flies to feed. Simply scatter these fly pellets on the floor or around gates to kill them before they cut into your profitability.

Starbar QuikStrike Fly Bait
  • QuikStrike contains a new EPA-approved active ingredient, dinotefuran, and kills 7-times more house flies (based on treating carbamate-resistant fly populations).
  • Active ingredients: 0.50% dinotefuran and 0.04% Z-9 tricosene
Golden Malrin Fly Bait:
  • Golden Malrin contains muscamone attractant that encourages both male and female flies to remain in treated areas. One of our customer reviews says this product is “the most effective for hot summers at keeping the flies away from your operation!”
  • Active ingredient: 1% methomyl
QuickBayt Fly Scatter Bait
  • This red sugar-based pellet product has a porous surface that allows the active ingredient to be easily released. Scatter it around your facilities to knock flies down fast.
  • Active ingredient: 0.5% imidacloprid

Fly Bait Stations

Don’t like the look of ground debris with scatter bait? Try fly bait stations like this one from Starbar. Load the QuikStrike, Golden Malrin, or other scatter baits into the top of these  easy-to-use stations. They provide a much cleaner look and bait stations reduce potential exposure to children, pets and livestock because they’re off the ground.

Hang your fly bait stations from trees, fences, around dumpsters and trash bins, near barn stalls and feeding troughs and other locations as needed.

Example of bait rotation

Rotate Fly Baits for Best Results

After some time, flies can develop a resistance to the same bait. When a generation of resistant flies pass along their genes, they increase the resistant population. Rotating bait products with different active ingredients and delivery methods can combat fly resistance and reduce the population again.

For best results, consider a rotation of QuikStrike and Golden Malrin fly baits. Both are popular products from Starbar that get applied the same way. Start with QuikStrike for a few months, switch to Golden Malrin for about a month, and finish the season with QuikStrike. The unique active ingredients will attract flies like new when used in this rotation.

Check out our fly control product comparison chart for a complete list of products to consider in your personal fly bait rotation. We include each product’s active ingredient, usage, and the specific insects they fight.

Fight Filthy Flies with PBS Animal Health

No matter which application method you prefer on your premises or pasture, PBS Animal Health has all the fly-control solutions you need. Not sure what’s best for your situation? We’re more than happy to discuss the full line of fly control products we carry to help you make the best decision for your herd, farm or other operation – give us a call today at +1 (800) 321-0235.

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