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Posted: 07/20/2022
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Inflation is Tough on Farmers. Saving is Easy at PBS Animal Health.  

Farming is not for the faint of heart and requires true grit every day, all day long. Caring for animals, growing food, and tending to the farm and land is a lifestyle and a special calling with long hours, loads of responsibility, and more dimensions than many people realize. These days, inflation is sucking the livelihood out of that lifestyle. From feed to fertilizer, fuel to labor and more, expenses have risen significantly in the past 12 months+ (as in sky-high fertilizer costs and more!) and there’s no end in sight. It's a tough time to be a farmer, but hang in there, farmers matter big time!

PBS Animal Health knows farmers are hurting – we see you; we hear you; and we are here for you!  It’s a tough time to make management decisions, but we hope we can help ease that burden in some way. With that in mind, we want you to be aware of several ways PBS Animal Health is helping producers and owners of animals (large or small!) work through inflation.


The State of Inflation

Consumers everywhere are feeling the squeeze as food prices rose 9.4% since last year – the largest 12-month increase since 1981. The situation is even more taxing on the farming community as rising expenses cut into already tight production profits.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2022 Farm Sector Income Forecast, net farm income is expected to decrease by $5.4 billion (4.5 percent) from 2021 to $113.7 billion this year. Part of this, as you've no doubt seen firsthand, comes from the report's prediction that “nearly all categories of expenses are forecast to be higher in 2022, with feed and fertilizer-lime-soil conditioner purchases expected to see the largest dollar increases.”

Husband and wife dairy farmers standing near barn

We’re Farmers Too – and We’re Here for You

We not only know what you’re facing, we’re here to help ease some of the pain. Many of the good people who work at PBS Animal Health have farms, animals, or farming roots of some sort or another, and are currently dealing with the same pressures. In fact, our customer care and sales teams are filled with farmers, so we know what you’re up against. We understand and are here to help.

We’re a trustworthy resource who helps farms big, medium and small (and horse and pet owners too!), so you can always call and talk to our team for options available to help save money and control expenses for your specific operation. Here are a few ways we’re doing just that across the board.

Low Price Guarantee

You probably know by now that PBS Animal Health offers the very best selection of thousands of name-brand products that are available and ready to ship. But did you also know that we offer a low price guarantee?

If you find the exact same product advertised in public at a lower price, please let us know. If it’s the same brand and product name, including size, model, style, color and expiration or best-if-used-by date, simply provide us with proof of when and where you found it. We’ll determine if it’s the same and are able to match the lower price.

Relationships and Reputation

Our competitors may have the same brands and products on their websites and store shelves, but very few of them have the eight decades of animal health industry experience and  strong vendor relationships like we do. These relationships help us access hard-to-find items when the supply chain comes up short for others. We also work with the manufacturers to offer sales and rebates for brands you count on every day.

And speaking of the supply chain, our strong vendor relationships afforded us the access to gloves and hard-to-find disinfectants during the peak of the Covid pandemic when everyone (not just farmers) needed them. We established purchasing limits on these and other critical products to prevent bad actors from hoarding large quantities. These steps helped ensure that actual farming customers like you could continue to access these products and limited non-farmers from taking stock to resell. We still have purchase limits on highly sought-after products like  ivermectin, ToMORROWblood collection tubes and other items due to known supply chain issues.

We know many products are critical to farming operations, so we want to make sure as many of our customers as possible have access to them. If your product is out of stock, you can always sign up for an email notification when it returns. Simply click the link below the “Out of Stock” note on the product page.

Bulk Buying Discounts

Farmers can stock up and save every day with large bulk quantity purchases from PBS Animal Health. Expecting a larger than normal calf group or puppy litter that requires a higher quantity of vaccine? When you buy in bulk, you save big. Call our bulk pricing experts at 1-800-321-0235, or fill out the online form for a custom bulk price quote.

Save with Durvet Value Brand

Durvet logo

PBS Animal Health proudly offers thousands of animal health products, but we want to highlight the full line of Durvet products that get the job done for less. This is a top quality value brand that saves you money and that you can count on every day. Shop from dewormers, colostrum supplements, hoof and wound care, fly and insect control, udder creams and ointments, digestive aids and so much more. If you’ve heard of Durvet, but didn’t know about the breadth of products – and how the company is always adding new items – now’s a perfect time to give them a try and save money too. We like to say Durvet Delivers Undeniable Reliable Value Every Time. See for yourself!

Flexible Payment Options

Managing cash flow is key especially during tough times. When you order from PBS Animal Health and use PayPal, you get the option to break up payments into four installments (and they’re interest-free for larger ticket items). The first installment is due the day you place the order, then PayPal collects the next three installments in two-week intervals. It’s a total repayment period of six weeks. To use this option select “PayPal" and then click the "Pay Later" button to see if you qualify for PayPal in 4 option.

Count on PBS Animal Health

When expenses are soaring, turn to PBS Animal Health for expertise, service, selection and support you can count on – today, tomorrow and always. Don’t forget, while you can shop online 24/7 at, you can also shop in person at one of our five retail stores in Ohio to save even more on shipping heavy, low-cost items.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article, and all other articles by pbsanimalhealth is for informational purposes only. This article may have been prepared from multiple sources at the time it was written and is not intended to be used as a sole source of information in making any purchase or specific product use decision. We recommend you always consult with your attending veterinarian to properly diagnose any health-related condition before initiating any prevention or treatment program. Always read and follow each product’s current label instructions and Warnings before use.

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