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Posted: 11/09/2022
Dairy cow with Cydectin Pour-On Dewormer applied its back

A Guide to Cydectin Dewormers

Every producer needs confidence in their dewormer, and that’s exactly what you gain with Cydectin products. Cydectin is the industry’s #1 selling pour-on deworming brand, so let’s find out why. With fall deworming efforts underway and so many dewormers on the market, it’s helpful to see why Cydectin stands out. Check out the key differences and learn more about the three Cydectin options PBS Animal Health offers to you.

Dairy cows eating hay

Parasites and Production Problems

Dewormers help control parasites so producers can avoid milk production and reproductive performance problems, disease susceptibility, and other challenges that eat away at profits. Cydectin manufacturer Elanco says without dewormers, cow-calf producers would sacrifice an estimated $165 per head (or more) in lost returns. In terms of the entire beef production system, eliminating dewormers would impact break-even prices at $190 per head.

Treatment is definitely a management priority, but so is identifying the appropriate product for each herd. There is a possibility of resistance that can develop over time, so talk to your veterinarian about how fecal sampling (egg count reduction tests) might help. Sampling can determine specific worm populations to treat, too.

Cydectin Controls Parasites in Cattle

Cydectin works to fight an army of parasites in cattle, with slight variations based on application method:

  • Injectable: gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, cattle grubs, mites and sucking lice
  • Pour-On: same as the injectable PLUS biting lice and horn flies
In total, Cydectin products control 33 parasite species and stages so you can be confident in the treatment and in your cattle. Looking for a clear way to compare the parasites Cydectin kills vs other dewormers? Look no further than the PBS Animal Health cattle dewormer comparison chart. You’ll see category lists by application method and easy-to-compare information about which types of cattle can receive each product. Click on any item in the chart to visit the corresponding product page for full details.

Is Cydectin the Same as Ivermectin?

No, Cydectin and Ivermectin are definitely not the same. Ivermectin is the active ingredient in several dewormer products for cattle, swine and other animals. Cydectin products contain an active ingredient called moxidectin, which is part of the milbemycin chemical group. Its unique molecular structure allows for wide distribution in the animal’s fat deposits and enables extended parasite death plus protection against reinfection.

In our cattle dewormer comparison chart, you’ll notice some key differences with Cydectin and other injectables where Ivermectin is the sole active ingredient. The Cydectin slaughter withdrawal is almost always shorter at 21 vs. 35 days. Also, you can’t use Ivermectin Pour-On for lactating dairy like you can with Cydectin Pour-On.

Two Dung Beetles rolling cow dung

Cydectin Doesn’t Harm Dung Beetles

Studies show Cydectin’s cattle pour-on works on brown stomach worms for 28 days and lungworms for 42 days. But it’s the indirect benefits of Cydectin that help your operation in ways you may not have realized were possible. Unlike other dewormers, Cydectin is not harmful to dung beetles (or earthworms). Dung beetles actually provide an estimated $380 million in economic benefits each year here in the U.S.!

Preserving these creatures can benefit your pasture because they:
  • Bury up to 90% of manure on the pasture in one week
  • Increase forage availability
  • Reduce up to 90% of parasite larvae and up to 95% of horn fly larvae
  • Create tunnels that improve water retention, root penetration and aeration

How Do You Use Cydectin?

Use Cydectin in your herd to treat infections and/or infestations from internal and external parasites. PBS Animal Health offers Cydectin for cattle in an injectable or pour-on application, and we also stock the oral sheep drench.

When you choose Cydectin treatments – no matter which application you use – be sure to follow current product label directions to ensure an effective and safe experience. Consult a veterinarian for identifying specific parasites and creating a strategic control program.

Cydectin Injection

Cydectin Cattle Injectable

Cydectin’s injectable solution starts working in just over 24 hours to control parasites because it causes them to shed fewer eggs thereby reducing the pasture population. The product comes in a 500 ml bottle and dosage calls for subcutaneous delivery of 1 ml for every 110 pounds of body weight. It’s approved for beef and nonlactating dairy cattle and does require a 21-day slaughter withdrawal.

Cydecton Pour-On

Cydectin Cattle Pour-On

This pour-on for cattle is our top-selling Cydectin product. It delivers broad-spectrum control and has even resulted in increased weight gain. Using a dewormer gun, apply 1 ml for every 22 pounds of body weight along the animal’s back, starting at the withers and moving all the way down to the base of the tail. The convenient purple dye shows which animals have been treated, and the weather-proof formula gives you the ability to treat cattle when you need to (even in the rain). Our customers also value the fact that there’s zero slaughter withdrawal and zero milk discard.

Cydectin Sheep Drench

Cydectin Oral Sheep Drench

Aside from cattle dewormers, Cydectin also produces an antiparasitic oral sheep drench. Use it to treat and control infections from internal parasites like brown stomach worms, barber pole worms, hairworms and more. This product boasts a shorter withdrawal time of 7 days compared to other leading brands and is safe for all sheep except females providing milk for human consumption. With a dosing gun, administer 1 ml in the sheep’s mouth for every 11 pounds of body weight.

Get Competitive Pricing on Cydectin

There’s a reason Cydectin is the industry's #1 selling pour-on deworming brand. Try and see for yourself. PBS Animal Health is the best place to buy Cydectin because we offer a competitive, everyday price. If you do find it elsewhere at a lower price, let us know! We’ll honor our low-price guarantee and match the other price as long as it’s the same sized product. Your satisfaction is priority #1!

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