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Posted: 08/02/2023
Y-Tex Brute

Lice Be Gone: Tackle Infestations Affordably with BRUTE Pour-On!

Pest control can get expensive, especially when you’re managing a rotation of products, across several species, both in facilities and on animals directly. But when it comes to lice specifically, you need to act fast as a relatively light infestation can explode into a major problem in no time. Save money with fast-acting, long-lasting BRUTE® Pour-On for cattle. This high-concentration/low-volume treatment can reduce run-off and provide longer control so you save and stop an infestation, too. See why BRUTE gives you all the pest control you’ll need.

Graphic of the tick life cycle

The Importance of Lice Prevention

Lice creates more than a cosmetic issue – it’s an economic one too. Lice attach themselves to cattle hair, so when one cow touches another while huddling or attending to a calf, the lice move to the other animal. As populations grow and animals become infested, they get restless, gain less weight, and can develop infections because lice bite their skin open.

But transmission is just the beginning. Lice also reproduce like crazy! Their eggs hatch in 1-2 weeks, and the newly hatched nymphs reproduce on their own in another 3-4 weeks. For such small pests, they create quite a big problem for not just one animal, but the entire herd.

How You’ll Know There’s Lice in the Herd

Constant scratching up against posts, fences and/or trees that leads to damaged hair and scaly, dry coats is a sign of lice. Hairless patches are not uncommon, nor are lesions along the back and other areas (thanks to biting lice). Most often, lice stay near the neck, head, withers, and inner areas of the legs.

There are other signs of lice, too, including weight loss, decreased lactation or even anemia. If you suspect a calf has lice, watch them closely for anemia as blood loss can be seriously harmful for these young animals.

When is the Best Time to Treat Cattle for Lice?

Fall is a great time to apply lice treatment since cattle are already in the chute for vaccinations, weaning, etc. Consider tacking on a strategically timed lice treatment to your in-chute to-do list. A fall treatment can set your animals up for success leading into winter when their coats get long – that’s when it’s easier for lice to survive and spread between animals.

Use BRUTE Pour-On for Quick, Easy and Economical Lice Control

You can count on BRUTE Pour-On Insecticide for up to 8 weeks of effective lice control even in the most challenging weather conditions. University trials and real-world use have proven BRUTE controls all major species of cattle lice, including biting lice as well as short-nose, longnose and little blue sucking lice. But that’s not all – BRUTE controls horn flies, face flies and other biting flies as well, protecting your cattle for 61 cents a head.

Here are a few other ways a little BRUTE goes a long way:
  • The oil-based formula doesn’t wash off easily
  • Ingredients include 10% permethrin vs. competitor products at 1%
  • There’s no milk/slaughter withhold

Unlike some products that need to be diluted and mixed, BRUTE comes in a highly concentrated, ready-to-use formulation. BRUTE is easy to measure and apply, will not freeze, and won’t chill animals due to its low application rates.

The 16 oz bottle treats 32 - 1,000 lb cattle and features a convenient half-ounce measuring chamber. Simply split the dosage evenly between the poll, neck and shoulders. Fortunately, the Y-TEX applicator makes it easy to apply exact amounts to each of these three target locations on your cattle.

Y-TEX History and Heritage

For more than 55 years, Y-TEX has been serving the livestock industry. The company says it holds the men and women who raise livestock – and the principles they embody – in highest regard. Y-TEX is committed to providing affordable products with real value and offering solutions driven by customer needs. They strive for excellence in everything they do.

Put a stop to Profit-Robbing Parasites with Brute

If you’ve got an infestation in your herd, it’s time for BRUTE Pour-On. Don’t let these parasites rob you of hard-earned profits. Minimize lice populations with a solid and cost-effective application of BRUTE before the cold months get here. Shop BRUTE and other reputable Y-TEX products from PBS Animal Health today.

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