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PULMO-GUARD cattle vaccines

PULMO-GUARD cattle vaccines stimulate a healthy immune system to build antibodies and stimulate production of antibodies that neutralize leukotoxins produced by M. haemolytica

Aid in the prevention of respiratory disease associated with Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida

No antibiotic restrictions

FREE Repeater Syringe with qualifying purchase of PULMO-GUARD vaccines
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Scour Bos
The only scours vaccines approved for use at dry-off

Feature 3-way rotavirus, plus more antigens and E. coli isolates than any other scours vaccines

Can be given to pregnant cows up to 16 weeks prior to calving, providing the longest vaccination window of any scours vaccines

Allow more time to build up quality, antibody-rich colostrum that fosters calf protection against scours-causing pathogens

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Electrolytes Plus


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Calf Perk


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Calf Renova


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Vista Once SQ Cattle Vaccine

Merck Animal Health

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Circumvent PCV-M G2 Swine Vaccine

Merck Animal Health

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