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The Chicken Swing by Fowl Play Products started when Jenny Connell was out doing chores one beautiful spring morning on her small farm in mid-Missouri, where she and her husband Brian have horses, cattle, dogs and chickens. Brian had recently added on a new outdoor area to their chicken coop. Their chickens looked bored, and the outdoor space looked like it could use something to cheer it up a bit. The idea of a swing just popped into Jenny's head. She thought she would build it and see if they liked it.

Finally Jenny had a design start to take shape. But, would they use a swing? In a few days one of her braver hens tried it out, and they soon all loved it! It was not just a hanging perch to them, but an actual activity! They enjoy the motion of the swing, and the exercise. It is a joy to watch them swing on it. Though Jenny likes to let them free range, there are periods that they are better off being locked up. The Chicken Swing gives them something to do. Jenny sure feels better knowing they have an activity.

It wasn't long until Jenny started to think about getting it ready for retail. She wanted it to be safe for all breeds and ages, and have the ability to go in different style coops. Jenny worked with engineers, manufacturers and designers to finally get what you see now. Jenny thinks everyone with a coop needs The Chicken Swing. It truly is fun for the chickens and the people who care for them. If you still ask "Why?"... it's simple... "Put some fun in your coop!"

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The Chicken Swing


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