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Pryin Brian Milker Tool

Why struggle to change milker inflations when you can do it the easy way?

Pryin Brian Milker Tool Kit

* Cuts inflation changing time by 50%
* Comfortable and easy for any user
* Safer – no need to use a knife to cut inflations to get
   them out of the shell
* Adjusts to fit inflation shells 1–3/8”–2” W; adjusts 2” H
   for different shell styles
* Features ergronomic, vinyl, comfort-grip handles to
   reduce hand fatigue

The Pryin Brian Milker Tool completely disassembles a milker in about 60 seconds. Choose the included attachments you need to remove inflations, pry off milker hoses (main milker tubing, inflations from milker claw and pulsation hoses from inflation shells and milker claws) and install new inflations.

Remove inflations Pry off milker hoses Install new inflations

Kit includes 2 handles, 3 sets of 3/8”, 5/8” and 7/8” gap size bits (2 each); adjustable shell holder; inflation punching attachment; attachment hardware; tool carrying case; and instructions in English and Spanish.

Introduction Video


See how fast the Pryin Brian works


Instruction Videos

Pryin Brian Introduction Video   The Unsurpassed Speed of the Pryin Brian
Pryin Brian Demo: Elaine vs Rod
Pryin Brian Demo: Brian vs Elaine and Clarence
Pryin Brian Demo: Speedy Milker Disassembly

  Removing Inflation from a BouMatic Shell
Removing Inflations from Claw/Hose from Milker
Installing New Inflations

The inventor says:

With the speed and ease of the Pryin Brian Milker Tool, changing inflations won't need to be put off until later. They can be changed on time which means better teat health & less mastitis.“


Brian Showalter,
Showalter Dairy Farms, Milking 300 head

Brian created the Pryin Brian Milker Tool because he “saw the need for something to make the tedious job of changing inflations much easier.” It took almost 3 years to get it just right, but now here's a single tool to help with all your milker disassembly (and reassembly) needs.


 Heres's how:

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”I only have 4 milkers, but I hated changing inflations. With the Pryin Brian (Milker Tool) I now save time and changing inflations is easy.“
Dave C.



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