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Fly Predators - Natural Fly Control


Biological Fly Control with Beneficial Insects - No Pesticides

Fly Predators

* Get real fly free relief!
* Fix the problem at its source
* Reduce pest flies to close to negligible levels
* Fly Predators eliminate flies before they can bother you
   or your animals!
* No flies, no pinkeye, no pesticides, no worry
* A popular, natural choice for fly control

“When we saw the results from this field trial, we knew we were onto something: fly parasites visibly reduce the population of biting flies on a farm. They’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to use.”
Horse Journal Product of the Year, December 2010

"Our testers estimated they used 75% less fly spray than in previous years…We recommend trying fly parasites. It's natural, inexpensive and easy."
Horse Journal, June 2010

Fly Predator Life Cycle

Fly Predators®…fly-free relief that fixes the fly problem at its source. Add Fly Predators® beneficial insects to your operation and reduce pest flies to close to negligible levels. As the natural enemy of flies, tiny Fly Predators target the next generation of pest flies before they become a nuisance. These biteless, stingless beneficial insects will never bother you or your animals. Simply release Fly Predators every 3-4 weeks around all manure areas. Unlike pesticide sprays that only affect adult flies, Fly Predators offer a natural, safe biological control that focuses on the pest fly pupae (cocoon) stage. The tiny insect lays her eggs in the pest fly pupae, “taking over” the cocoon. This kills the immature flies 

This pouch is enough for up
to 125 dairy cows for one month.
and eliminates the next generation of pests. For just a few dollars per head per month, you can enjoy the benefit of dramatically reduced pest fly populations. Dosage: Typically you need 1,000 Fly Predators per large animal every three to four weeks during warm months.

Shipment schedule is based on your location’s weather history – to be determined when placing your order.

Order 5 months and get a bonus of double the quantity for your worst fly month for FREE!

  Hear from Satisfied Fly Predators customers and see how
  these little bugs can make a big difference on your farm!

Fly Predator Chart
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the Fly Predator Chart about how many fly predators to order.

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Spalding Labs - Fly Control

Fly Predators Testimonial"Fly Predators worked the best of anything we’ve tried and we’ve tried them all. It was half the cost of the spray guys, and a lot simpler than paint on insecticides, sticky tapes, or bait. I wouldn’t be afraid to recommend them."
SMN, NE S&S Dairy

  Fly Predators Testimonial"Fly Predators are excellent. They’re one of the things in our pest management toolbox that really work. In the calf and heifer barns we had minimal fly problems all summer. Using them right is important. We cleaned up places that were easy to clean and put more Fly Predators in the places that weren’t."
JL, Laggis Bros. Farm


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