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Livestock Prescriptions

Get your livestock prescriptions for less! Shop the PBS Animal Health pharmacy and you will find low, low prices on the cattle prescriptions you need. Our discount Rx products require a written prescription from your veterinarian. Once this information is sent to us, we will process it promptly and ship it out as quickly as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have a question about livestock prescriptions.

Looking for nonprescription discount vet supplies? Check out our selection of
injectable antibiotics, vitamins and minerals.

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Dexamethasone Solution Rx

Excede Sterile Suspension Rx

Spectramast LC Suspension Rx

Lutalyse Solution Rx

Banamine Injectable Rx

Cal-Dex CMPK Injection Rx

Lactated Ringers Injection Rx

Nuflor Injectable Rx

Vitamin B12 3000 MCG Injection Rx

Banamine Paste Rx

Vitamin B12 1000mcg Injection Rx

Amoxi-Mast Rx

Banamine-S Injectable Rx

Draxxin 100 Injectable Rx

Flu-Nix D Injection Rx

BO-SE Injection Rx

Flunazine Injectable Solution Rx

Heartgard Plus Chewable Rx

Lidocaine Injectable 2% Rx

Milk Fever CP Rx

Pro-Bute Injection Rx

Regu-Mate Solution Rx for Mares

Acepromazine Injection Rx

Advocin Injection Rx

Animax Ointment Rx

Baytril 100 Injectable Rx

Catosal Injectable Rx

Ceftiflex Powder Rx

Chorulon Powder Rx

Cystorelin Solution Rx

D-Panthenol Injection Rx

Dariclox Rx


Draxxin 25 Injectable Rx

Dry-Clox Rx

Enroflox 100 Injectable Rx

Epinephrine Injection Rx

Estrumate Injection Rx

Excenel RTU EZ Suspension Rx

Factrel Solution Rx

Fertagyl Injection Rx

Flunazine Equine Paste Rx

Flunixamine Injectable Rx

GastroGard Paste Rx

Gentamicin Solution (Legacy Brand) Rx

Griseofulvin Powder Rx

Hetacin-K Rx

Hexasol Injection Rx

Isoxsuprine Tablets Rx

Liver 7 Injection Rx

LongRange Injection Rx

Matrix Solution

Micotil 300 Injection Rx

MU-SE Injection Rx

Multimin 90 Cattle Injectable Rx

Naxcel Powder Rx

Nuflor Gold Rx

Orbenin-DC Rx

OvaCyst Solution Rx

Oxytocin Injection Rx

Phenylbutazone Powder Rx

Pirsue Sterile Solution Rx

Polyflex Injectable Rx

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Vaccine Rx

Predef 2X Suspension Rx

ProstaMate Solution Rx

Quartermaster Rx

Resflor Gold Rx

Rompun 10% Injectable Rx

Saline Solution, Hypertonic Rx

Salix Injection Rx

SMZ-TMP 800/160 Tablets Rx

Sodium Chloride Injection, 0.9% Rx

Sodium Iodide 20% Injection Rx

Spectramast DC Suspension Rx

Sterile Water Rx

Sulfamethoxazole & Trimethoprim Suspension Rx

Tolazine Injection Rx

Tylan Soluble Powder Rx

Vetalyte Plus IV Solution Rx

Vetribute Paste Rx

Vita-Jec Thiamine Injection Rx

Vitamin C Injectable Rx

Vitamin K1 Injection Rx

Zactran Injectable Rx

Zuprevo Injection Rx


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