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Milk Replacers & Colostrum Supplements

Save BIG on Milk Replacers and Colostrum Products Today!

You know how important colostrum is for your newborn calves. Whether you want to supplement or replace your colostrum, or even if you are looking for a mother's milk replacement, PBS Animal Health has a variety of choices to meet your operation's needs. Shop our selection of bottles and nipples, colostrum products, milk replacers, milk replacer additives and more, and start saving today!

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Pritchard Teat

Weak Lamb Feeding Kit

Calf Bottle

Foal/Lamb Nipple

Colostrx CS Colostrum Supplement

Grade A Ultra 24 Milk Replacer

Baby Pig Waterer

Lamb Bottle

Baby Pig Creep Feeder

Calf Nurser Bottle and Nipples

Calf Nursing Pail

Colostrum Supplement

Sav-A-Caf Scours & Pneumonia Treatment

Sav-A-Lam Milk Replacer

Sav-A-Kid Milk Replacer

Baby Pig Waterer

Grade A Hi-Energy 20 Nursing Formula

BC Powder

Colostrum Bolus Forte

Easy-On Calf Nipple

Immu-Start 50

Kid Colostrum Supplement

Oral Calf Feeder

Peach Teats

Peach Teats 1-Calf Bucket

Peach Teats Nurser Bottle

2-Hole Metal Baby Pig Feeder

Advance Acidified Lamb Milk Replacer

Bottle Holder

Colostrum Oral Gel

Dry Start Feed Bottle


LIFELINE Rescue Colostrum Replacer

Nurse Mate ASAP for Lambs

NurseMate ASAP for Calves

Oral Bottle Feeder

Scour-Ease Plus Concentrate

Single Nursery Feeder

Calf Feeder

LIFELINE Protect Dairy Colostrum Supplement

Milk Replacer Feeder

Round Creep Feeder

Sav-A-Caf Colostrum Supplement

Scour Gard

Stallion Lamb Teat

Advance Calf Medic Concentrate

Advance Calf Medic Plus

Advance Liqui-Wean Pig Milk Replacer

Advance Rite Start Complete

Bottle Brush

Bottle-Mount Drencher

Brix Refractometer

Calf Bottle and Nipple

Calf Maid Bottle

Calf's Choice Total Colostrum Gold

Calf's Choice Total Colostrum HiCal

Calf-Teria Nipple Bottle Replacement Parts


CalviVault Capsules


Colostrum Plus

Colostrum Powder

Colostrum Powder for Goats

Colostrx CR Colostrum Replacer


E-Z Nurse Bottle

First Arrival with Encrypt Calf Powder

First Colostrum

Kid Milk Replacer

Lamb & Kid Colostrum

Land O Lakes Colostrum Replacement for Kid Goats and Lambs

LIFELINE Boost Colostrum Booster

LIFELINE Nourish Beef Colostrum Replacer

LIFELINE Nourish Dairy Colostrum Replacer

LIFELINE Protect Beef Colostrum Supplement

LIFELINE Rescue Lamb & Kid

Milk Bar Bottle Nipple

Milk Bar Feeders

Newborn Calf CS

Non-Vac Bottle For Lambs

Oral Bottle Feeder

Plas/Magic Milk Fortifier

Plastic Bottle

Qualostrum Colostrum Replacer


Sav-A-Caf Scours & Pneumonia Treatment Concentrate

Screw-On Lamb Nipple

Soluble Colostrum Powder

Speedy Drencher 3-Speed Calf Drencher

Stallion 3-Lamb Bucket

Stallion 5-Lamb Straight Feeder

Stallion Compartment Feeders

Stallion Lamb Teat Cap

Stallion Straight Feeder

Udderly EZ Cow Milker Kit

Udderly EZ Goat Milker Kit

Udderly EZ Mare Milker Kit

Udderly EZ Milker Replacement Bottles

Udderly EZ Pump Repair Kit

Udderly EZ Sheep Milker Kit

Udderly EZ Stable Bag

Ultra Start 150 Plus



Zoologic Doe Milk Replacer

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