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Livestock Use Insecticides for Insect Control

Fight flies for less and save BIG on livestock fly control solutions at PBS Animal Health! You will find low, low prices on the cattle fly sprays, back rubs and livestock pour ons you need to protect your cattle, swine, sheep, goats and more this fly season.

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Swat Fly Ointment

Premier Spray Marigold Scent

Pyranha Insecticide Aerosol

Ultra Shield Green

Bronco Gold


Pyranha Pony XP

CV-80D Farm & Dairy Bomb

Brute Pour-On

Pyranha 1-10 PX Concentrate

Face Flyps

Fly Bullets

GardStar 40% EC

AiM-L VetCaps

AiM-L VetGun Kit

Aloe Herbal Horse Spray Fly Repellent Concentrate

Aloe Herbal Horse Spray Fly Repellent Ready-to-Use

Atroban 11% EC

Catron IV Spray

Citronella Oil Concentrate

ClariFly Add-Pack

Co-Ral 1% Livestock Dust Kit

Co-Ral Fly and Tick Spray

Country Vet Farmgard Permethrin Concentrate

Cow Life Cattle Rub

Dairy Bomb 55


Endure Fly Spray

FlyRID Ointment Fly Repellent

FlyRid Plus Spray

Flysect Super-7 Repellent Spray

Freedom Spot-On

JustiFLY Feedthrough

Livestock Spray Concentrate

Natural Horse Vet Bug Check

Permectrin II

Permethrin 1% Pour-On


Prozap Beef & Dairy RTU

Prozap CT-75

Prozap Insectrin X

Prozap LD-44Z

Prozap Screw Worm/Ear Tick Aerosol

Pure Planet Poultry Spray

PyGanic Livestock and Poultry Insecticide Concentrate

Pyranha Equine Spray & Wipe

Pyranha SprayMaster Complete Kit

Pyranha Spraymaster System

Pyranha Wipe N' Spray

Pyranha Zero-Bite Natural Flea & Tick Spray

Synergized Permethrin 1% Pour-On

WAHNA WIN Super Fly Professional Fly Spray

XP 820 Insecticide Cattle Strips


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