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Beef Implants

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Ralgro Cattle Implants

Encore Implants

Synovex Gun

Revalor-S Implants

Component E-C with Tylan

Component E-H with Tylan

Component E-S with Tylan

Component T-H with Tylan

Component TE-200 with Tylan

Component TE-G with Tylan

Component TE-IS with Tylan

Component TE-S with Tylan

Compudose Implants

Compudose/Encore Gun

Revalor-200 Implants

Revalor-G Implants

Revalor-H Implants

Revalor-IH Implants

Revalor-IS Implants

Revalor-XS Implants

Synovex C Implants

Synovex Choice Implants

Synovex H Implants

Synovex One Feedlot Implants

Synovex One Grass Implants

Synovex S Implants


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